The Platinum Rule

The Golden Rule Isn’t Enough For Our Delaware Valley Exterior Home Company – We Live By The Platinum Rule

Our Home Improvement Services Go A Step Above – We Treat You How You Want To Be Treated

No, you didn’t read that wrong. The Golden Rule is fine for some people, but at Rosenello’s Windows, we subscribe to the Platinum Rule.

What does it mean?

It means we don’t just treat you how we want to be treated – we treat you how you want to be treated. Everyone is unique and looks for different qualities in a home contractor, so we take note and adjust our service to meet your requirements.

Some folks may want to chat for a while and hear all the details of their window replacement, while others may want us to come in, share our information, and get out. Either way, we get it.

After all, if we only catered to what we wanted, all our customers would get the same thing and have the same repetitive experience. So, whatever we need to do to work around your style, we’re ready for it!

A Stellar Exterior Home Service Reputation To Make Our Mothers Proud

It’s hard for us not to brag, but when you get as many 5-star reviews as we do, we can’t help it. And honestly, we’re proud of them because they remind us why we do the level of work we do.

We can chalk our stellar reviews up to many components (products, craftsmanship, customer service – just to name a few), but it really all comes down to treating the customer how they want to be treated.

And when we consider your specific needs, we can deliver the best service and results possible.

It makes total sense to us!

From our raving Google reviews to our blush-worthy Facebook reviews, our customers have spoken – 5 stars it is!

At Our Replacement Window Company, We Don’t Just Put Up With One Another – We Actually LIKE Each Other

It seems unusual to get along with your co-workers these days, but we do. And we don’t just get along either – we respect and treat one another like family (and some of us even are).

Through communicating with each other, we cultivate an environment where ideas flourish and every voice is valued. This approach strengthens our bonds and fuels the creativity and innovation that drive us forward.

And when so much kindness and respect is part of our workplace, it can’t help but overflow onto our customers. So, not only do we benefit from our considerate and caring work environment, but you do too!

So here’s where our Platinum Rule comes in – we strive to do at least one good deed for every customer.

Whether this means taking your garbage to the curb or asking how your child is adjusting to college, we don’t walk away until we’ve gone that extra mile.

35+ Years Of Window And Siding Replacement Has Taught Us A Thing Or Two

Actually, over three decades of exterior home improvement experience has probably taught us a million things, but who’s counting?

Yes, there’s something to be said about young contractors just starting up, but let’s face it, nothing can match over 35 years of hands-on, in-the-field experience. And we’ve learned more in that valuable time than can ever be learned from a manual.

We’re not just talking about the technical stuff either – 35+ years has taught us how to respect and listen to our customers because we need you just as much as you need us.

Plus, as a local, family-run company, we’ve learned how to put our morals and values first, and sometimes that doesn’t mean taking on the most lucrative jobs.

Instead, we prefer to work with great people who appreciate fine craftsmanship and, better yet, compassionate customer service.

It All Started With A Truck And A Passion For Exterior Home Improvement

Rosenello’s Windows started in 1985 after founder Mike Rosenello was gifted a truck by his father. After working with another home improvement company for a while, Mike decided that he could do better work himself and on his own. So guess what?

Mike left the other company and started his own. After going door to door and selling siding, Mike soon decided to incorporate window, patio doors, and roofing into the mix and even brought along a co-worker from his previous job.

From there, Rosenello’s grew to become the Rosenello’s Windows we know today…but hang on…


Let’s go back even further…Rosenello’s really started way before 1985. Its beginnings trace back to Mike’s childhood surrounded by the eclectic and historical homes of Wildwood, NJ, and Levittown, PA.

As a child, Mike was immediately drawn to the intricate artistry of Delaware Valley’s architecture, including the hand-carved woodwork, engineering, and history. But it was a hitchhiking trip through Europe that truly cemented Mike’s passion for exterior homes.

Today, Mike and the rest of the Rosenello’s team bring that same passion and enthusiasm for fine craftsmanship to all their projects.

Rosenello’s Makes It Safe To Let Your Guard Down Because You Can Count On Us

We know Delaware Valley contractors have gotten a bad rap over the years, but Rosenello’s is here to prove we’re not all undependable! In fact, we go above and beyond to earn our customers’ trust and overwhelming approval.

To show we’re different, we stick to our word, show up when we say we will, finish your project on time, and keep the lines of communication open and smooth.

We know it’s rare to find that kind of dependability, so we work hard to stay focused on it and remain true to our promises.

So, go ahead and let out that sigh of relief and get started on your next exterior home improvement project. You can count on Rosenello’s Windows!

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