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If It’s Not The Best Delaware Valley Exterior Home Product In Its Class, We Don’t Want Anything To Do With It

Our Replacement Products Aren’t Just The Most Durable – They Look Great, Too

We might be snobs about our products, but we’re not embarrassed about it. After all, excellent products that look amazing and are durable make everyone a happy camper.

So, we offer our South Jersey customers an incredible array of replacement window, patio doors, siding options, and roofing products that last long and perform flawlessly.

As you might have picked up, we’re selective about the products we work with because we hold our manufacturers to the highest possible standards. So to ensure you get the best value for your investment, we believe it must be energy efficient, strong, durable, easy to operate, AND aesthetically pleasing.

That’s a big order, but don’t worry – we have you covered!

Our Exterior Home Replacement Products Give You Greater Energy Efficiency

When it comes to home improvement in the twenty-first century, homeowners are focused on energy-efficient remodels more than ever. After all, who wouldn’t want a home that gives you lower heating and cooling bills AND stays comfortable year-round?

From patio doors and replacement window to roofs and siding, our products are focused on maximum efficiency.


Not only do our energy-efficient products help lower your carbon footprint, but they help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And when you stay comfortable in your home, you know your products are working for you.

But efficiency numbers and ratings can get confusing when shopping for replacement exterior home products. So rest assured – our window give you the best air filtration and insulation, which in turn give you incredible value at an affordable cost.

From tight seals to secure locks, our window and patio doors aren’t letting in or letting out any air you don’t want them to!

The “Best Looking” Award Goes To…Our Exterior Home Remodeling Products!

Windows Siding Roofing Entry Door

After your Rosenello’s exterior home remodel, don’t be surprised if you find your home on the cover of “Best Looking Delaware Valley Homes.” It’ll just have to be your burden to bear. Sigh.

We believe when patio doors, roofing, siding and window are the first components of your home that you and your neighbors notice, they better be appealing.

So our selection of products allows you to customize the look of your home by color, size, style, and design. Rosenello’s makes it easy to create the exterior you’ve always wanted.

Plus, our products don’t just look great – they also perform like workhorses to give you and your family incredible performance.

Stronger + More Durable = Better Exterior Home Improvement Results

Great-looking products are lovely to look at, but if they don’t perform as intended, what’s the point? It’s like having a broken-down Maserati in your driveway!

In other words, looks without the endurance to back them up are useless to us. So, when it comes to the strength and durability of our products, we don’t mess around.

And trust us, there are a lot of products to choose from out there. But we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. And after trying and testing countless exterior home products from top manufacturers, we’ve carefully and cautiously curated our product offerings to bring you the strongest and most dependable.

Our manufacturers are entirely production oriented, with their products undergoing extensive quality control throughout the manufacturing process. They don’t just talk the talk…they walk the walk.

And it’s not just our window and patio doors that outperform our competitors’ offerings – it’s our asphalt roofing and siding.

Did someone say James Hardie? Our vinyl siding has undoubtedly proven itself, but our Hardie fiber cement siding goes above and beyond to give you unmatched durability and reliability.

Our Exterior Home Remodeling Products Operate With Ease

We’ve all been there with our old window – they stick, won’t open fully, and are a pain to close again securely. But this doesn’t have to be the norm.

Here’s a little history lesson – great window technology dates back to ancient Greece. Without getting too nerdy, the “block and tackle balance pulley system” was first invented around 250 BC. And it’s still used today by great window manufacturers.

However, most standard window only use TWO pulleys to open their window (maybe you’ve noticed how you often have to lift one side and then the other?).

But our window utilize THREE to FOUR pulleys, making them incredibly easy and smooth to open and close. Allowing fresh air into your home has never been easier!

Once Our Replacement Exterior Home Products Are Installed, They STAY Installed

Most homeowners notice the look and functionality of their replacement window and doors, but few notice the benefits of a secure fitting. And why would you? If you’ve never had secure installations before, you’d never know what you’re missing.

Unfortunately, some other window companies just pop out your old window and insert the new one. But we ensure your replacement window fits precisely in your window opening because every centimeter matters.

Then, once it’s secure, we screw the frame into place to ensure it doesn’t budge. And by “into place,” we mean into STEEL – not just vinyl.

So, when we say we install our products securely, we mean it – those bad boys aren’t going anywhere.

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