Core Values

Our Core Values Aren’t Just Words – They’re Bonafide Promises To Our Delaware Valley Exterior Home Customers

We Stay Focused So You Stay Happy During Your Replacement Home Project

Our core values don’t just look pretty on a page – we actually live by them and use them as guiding principles in our company. And though they may make our business run smoother, our core values are really in place to benefit YOU!

By staying vigilant and focused, we ensure our Lehigh Valley customers get the high-quality, attentive, and friendly service they deserve.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing you’re working with an honest company that puts customers first.

What’s more comforting than that?

(We can’t think of anything either.)

A Long Track Record Of Trust From Our Lehigh Valley Exterior Home Community

In our business, trust goes a long way. Fortunately, it’s a simple thing that’s second nature to us.

After using other companies in the past, some Central Jersey homeowners may be reluctant to trust contractors – we understand.

But when working with Rosenellos, you can trust that we’ll always follow through with our word. When we say we’ll be at your house by 10am, we’ll be there at 9:50am. And when we say your project will be done in three days, it’ll be done in three days.

Whatever we need to do to make it happen, we do it. We’ve never gotten along with liars and never will.

Instead, we live by a simple motto: “Say what you mean and do what you say.” It’s not difficult, and any contractor that tells you otherwise is…well, just flat-out lying.

A Central Jersey Exterior Home Company Here When You Need Us. Really.

Some people think we go a bit overboard when it comes to reliability, but we can’t help it – like we said, it’s in our nature.

And to us, reliability means we’re there for you every step of the way. You can count on us to show up on time, finish your project when we say we will, do it right, and stay communicative throughout the process.

In other words, you can count on us throughout your whole project and to also go out of our way to check in on you. In one extreme situation, our founder even drove to a home he worked on 20 years ago to assess a current issue.

Call us obsessive, but it’s just how much we care.

Of course, warranties are important, but our commitment to being there for you, regardless of how much time passes, is on a whole other level. If this doesn’t scream “RELIABILITY,” we don’t know what does.

Exterior Home Project Mistakes Are Accidental – Fixing Them Is On Purpose

Has your car ever been scratched in a parking lot with no apology note left on your windshield? It feels violating, right? We’d never want to leave our customers feeling taken advantage of like this.

It puts you in a vulnerable position and makes us look like jerks! So, accountability isn’t just another pretty word to us – we mean it!

We’re all humans, and mistakes or misunderstandings happen – we get it. However, what a person does after those mistakes shows who they truly are.

And it’s easy to weed out the unethical folks when unexpected things happen. So, when mistakes happen on our projects (extremely rare), we take full credit and do everything possible to make it right again.

There’s no finger-pointing or passing off blame – we acknowledge our mistake and then fix it.

In South Jersey Exterior Home Improvement, It Takes A Village

We’ve all heard the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Though it’s cheesy, it’s true. Because we’re a local family-run company, teamwork comes easy, and we use it to our advantage.

So, if someone notices an area where someone else can grow, they speak up. Or if someone excels in a specially-skilled area, we’ll call on them to come out and impart their expert knowledge.

Whatever it takes to do our projects the right way, we’ll do it. And for us, this means a lot of teamwork, co-worker communication, and a transparent work environment.

From our regular sales meetings, where we openly discuss what’s on our mind to our trade show “field trips,” we put faith in each other to help us grow as individuals and as a company.

And when we work as a united team, you can expect to reap the rewards – stunning and long-lasting results and an all-out fulfilling experience!

A Smile During Your Lehigh Valley Exterior Home Project Says A Thousand Words

Yes, reliability and our other core values are essential, but they’re kind of useless if we can’t enact them with a smile on our face – and a genuine one, at that.

We’ve all had those car mechanics who do excellent work but are the world’s grumpiest people. In our eyes, the quality of the results is pointless if the customer is forced into an awkward situation.

Lucky for us, we do outstanding work, AND we love what we do. So being friendly comes easily. And we’ve learned that when we show our customers friendly respect, we get the same in return. So, it works out pretty nicely!

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