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If your Washington Crossing, PA, home’s exterior is looking a little rough around the edges, it may be time to have exterior home services completed. Here at Rosenello’s Windows, we have all the options you need to refresh the outside of your house and boost its curb appeal. Whether you need a new roof, siding, window, or doors, we have you covered.

No matter which project you need to be completed, we’re ready to provide you with exceptional customer service, premium products, and a high-quality installation. As a locally owned and operated company, we are fully invested in our Bucks County community and strive to provide the best experience possible on every job.


We’re your source for window from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Whether you’re interested in incredible style or want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, we have the perfect solution. We can help you create a customized package for your home to ensure the perfect fit with your current window openings.


New siding can improve your home’s appearance, boost its protection from the elements, and make life easier with reduced maintenance. We offer high-quality vinyl sidingoptions that will shrug off anything our Bucks County climate has to throw at it. We also have stunning fiber cement sidingchoices, offering a bit of something for everyone.


Investing in new asphalt shingle roofing will ensure your home is well-protected for decades to come. In addition, with attractive shingle options, you can make a bold statement with your color and style. We’re experts at shingle roof installations, providing long-lasting results that look amazing.

Patio Doors

We’re Washington Crossing, PA’s local entry doors and window installation experts. When it comes to your patio door, we can install an upgrade or open a wall to install a brand-new one. We offer additional options, including sound-abatement glazing and low-reflectance glass.

How Do You Tell If You Need A New Roof?

Getting a roof replacement is a big deal and a significant investment in your home. Knowing when you need a new one is important to ensure you don’t waste money on useless repairs.

On average, the lifespan of asphalt shingle roofing is 15-30 years, depending on the type of shingles you choose, the brand, and the quality of the installation. If your roof is anywhere in this age range and experiencing problems, the most cost-effective solution is getting a replacement.

If your roof is sagging, it’s crucial to have a roof replacement as soon as possible. Your roof should never have any sagging sections, as this signifies structural damage. The only way to repair this is through a complete tear-off where the decking can be accessed and replaced.

When your roof leaks, you may get by briefly with repairs, but over time, minor problems tend to grow into larger ones. As the damage increases, repairs will no longer be effective, resulting in the need for a complete replacement.

If you constantly have a local roofing company out for repairs, add up the costs. A roof replacement will likely cost less over time than all those patch jobs. In addition, you’ll have increased peace of mind, knowing your roof is in excellent condition.

How A Sliding Patio Door Can Benefit Your Home

When you want to brighten your home’s interior, there’s nothing quite like a sliding patio door. You’ll decrease your dependence on artificial lighting, which can boost your mood while saving you money.

It’s a great way to open the area between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, allowing for freely flowing traffic. Opening the door will provide fresh air circulating throughout your Bucks County home.

Newer model sliding patio doors are very energy efficient, helping lower energy costs throughout the year. This also means you’ll have improved home comfort as you lose less indoor air through your exterior door.

One of the main reasons homeowners choose a sliding door is the fantastic view it offers. With large panes of glass, you can have an unobstructed view of your backyard and the landscape beyond.

Why Vinyl Siding Is An Excellent Choice

Vinyl siding is not the same as in the 1950s when it was well known for buckling. Today, it’s durable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly. It’s built tough to withstand the harshest weather and requires barely any maintenance to keep it looking great.

You can choose vinyl siding for your home in many styles, including the following:

  1. Clapboard
  2. Traditional lap
  3. Dutch lap
  4. Board and batten
  5. Vinyl shakes and shingles

When you invest in vinyl siding, your home will be protected for decades while looking fantastic.

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When you’re ready to upgrade your Washington Crossing, PA, home’s exterior, turn to Rosenello’s Windows. We focus on providing quality products and installing them with impeccable precision.

No matter what project you need to complete, we’ll deliver high-quality results guaranteed to last. Your home will be protected and look fantastic.

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