Why We Drove 1.5 Hours To Help A Past Window Client

Why We Drove Out Of Our Way To Close A
Delaware Valley Window
We Didn’t Even Install

Our Goodwill Goes Beyond Great
Exterior Home Remodeling

A lot of replacement window contractors say you can count on them, but it’s easy to be skeptical of this broad claim. However, when we say our Delaware Valley customers can count on us – WE MEAN IT.

How so?

Well, let’s just say we might be a little too willing to make our customers (old and new) happy …even when our parting words, “Let us know if you need anything else,” are taken to the extreme.

Like in the case of one of our dear window installation customers, who called on us years later to help with something long after their initial project was completed.

And we were happy to be there for them.

Caring Is Kindness – And We Go (Far) Out Of Our Way To Show We Care

Though we’re always happy to hear from past Lehigh Valley customers, you can imagine our surprise when we recently received a call from a customer we hadn’t heard from in over two years.

Our own Eric was pretty busy that day and was startled to see the slew of missed calls from this particular past client when he left his last appointment.

Obviously concerned, he sent back a text in between his day’s appointments to check in on the urgency.

Apparently, this client (an older gentleman) had been recently hospitalized and was worried about his wife at home. There was an open vaulted window just out of reach for her that needed to be closed.

Though we didn’t install that specific window, Eric still drove an hour and a half round trip to the couple’s home to close the window, check on the gentleman’s wife, and EVEN do some other household chores for her!

If that’s not the definition of a good deed, we don’t know what is.

It’s Not All About Our Customers’ Business
– It’s About Building Long-Term Bonds

As much as we’d like to, it wouldn’t really be practical to stop by all of our thousands of prior clients’ homes just to take the trash out for them each night. But it sure makes us feel good that our customers know they can call us when they need a little extra care.

Feeling respected is one thing, but when you get treated how YOU want to be treated, you’re receiving true caring and kindness. Sometimes a little help is all people need, and we love helping out when we can!

(Plus, the couple decided to hire us to replace the rest of their replacement windows – so it was really a win-win all around.)

Expect Nothing Less Than Full Customer Care From Our
Delaware Valley Exterior Home Pros

When you work at a family-owned and operated company, it’s not hard to see why we act the way we do. At Rosenello’s, we treat you like family, so you can expect the full family treatment (minus the Thanksgiving meal arguments).

We might take “customer care” to the extreme. But we’re ok with that because cultivating our ongoing relationships with you is worth the extra effort.

Where else can you find that kind of care and consideration in the Delaware Valley exterior home improvement business?


So, when you’re ready to work with a Delaware Valley replacement window, siding, or roofing company that you can truly rely on, Rosenello’s is your place! Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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