Why Is There Condensation On Your Southampton, PA Windows?

Your Guide To Condensation Appearing
On Your Southampton, PA Windows

What Window Condensation Means
And How To Prevent It

While you are sitting in your home in Southampton, PA and looking out your windows, there may be a time when you notice condensation building up.

Sometimes condensation is nothing to worry about, but in other instances, it might be a sign that something is going on with your window’s fit or its seal.

But how do you know the difference?

Don’t worry. Rosenello’s Windows is here to help you understand what condensation on your windows means, when it matters, and how to prevent it.

How Did Condensation Get On Your Windows?

Condensation appearing on your windows is not an incredibly unique experience for homeowners. But many wonder – how did it get there?

Simple. Condensation is the buildup of water that occurs whenever humid air comes in contact with cool surfaces. Usually, the glass on your windows is pretty cold, so any time you have humid air hitting that, then you’re likely to have condensation buildup.

Condensation is more likely to appear on the inside of your windows during the winter months.

While the inside of your home is all toasty and warm, the outside air is cold and dry.

Condensation on the outside of your windows usually occurs in the warmer months.

Normally, this isn’t much to worry about and it usually goes away on its own. Nevertheless, interior condensation is the one you should concern yourself with more.

Interior condensation can often be a sign that there is something else going on with your windows. It could be a sign that your window’s seal is not working properly.

But why does this matter?

Why Does Condensation On Your Windows Matter?

Letting condensation sit on the interior of your windows over time can have a detrimental impact on your home.

As the moisture stays on your window and the areas around it, the moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow in your home.

If mold or mildew is left unchecked, it could begin to eat away at the structural aspects around your window or other parts of your home.

Additionally, the growth of mold in your home could be a serious health risk for your family. For some, mold can cause respiratory and other health issues.

The additional moisture could also impact your window’s seal further, causing your windows to become less energy-efficient and stable as time goes on.

What To Do About Window Condensation

If you notice that your windows tend to build condensation, there are a couple of steps that you can take.

Use A Dehumidifier

One of the best ways to reduce the moisture in your home is to set up a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are specifically designed to get water out of the air.

If you plug this into your home during the cold winter days in Southampton, PA, then you are far less likely to deal with window condensation on the interior of your windows.

Leave Doors Open In Your Home

Good air circulation within your home is incredibly important to avoiding condensation building up on your windows.

One of the best ways to promote good airflow in your house is to leave your interior doors open so air does not become trapped in one space.

Run Your Fans

Running the exhaust fans in your home after a shower or when you cook is a wonderful way to make sure that extra moisture is not being retained into the air. Even in the winter, it’s a good idea to turn on exhaust fans to help with air circulation.

If Window Condensation Won’t Go Away,
Turn To Rosenello’s Windows For A
New Window Installation

If you have taken all of the proper steps to prevent or get rid of condensation on your windows and you notice that the problem still persists, then it might be time to look into a new window replacement for your home.

Rosenello’s Windows offers the best replacement windows in Bucks County and a variety of options that are perfect for any home’s unique style and needs.

You can be sure that your new replacement windows will be installed with pristine attention to detail and the perfect installation to make your worries about window condensation a thing of the past.


If you are looking for replacement windows in the Bucks County area, turn to Rosenello’s Windows and set up a free estimate today!

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