When We Shattered Our Customer’s Skylight…On ACCIDENT

BIG WHOOPS! The Time We Accidentally
Shattered A Client’s Skylight…

And Cleaned Up ALL The Glass. Every. Last. Piece.

It pains us to share this story, but it turned out so well in the end…we can’t help but tell it. Sometimes the most stressful real-life experiences make for the best personal and professional lessons…and we certainly learned a lot from this one.

What could have possibly happened to make us squirm like this?

Let’s just say it started with an accident and understandable customer outrage. And it ended with a fantastic new roof, a sparkling new skylight, and one smiling, highly appreciative Delaware Valley client.

One Small Miscalculated Step For Man – One Giant Shattering For Mankind

Here’s how the story goes:

Once upon a time, we were working on the roof of a very old, high-end row home in the center city of Philadelphia. The roof contained a gorgeous skylight that shone beautiful, bright sunshine down through all three stories of the main home staircase.


Though we take every precaution possible to ensure complete property safety and home protection, one of our roofers made one small miscalculated move and banged the edge of the skylight.

And you guessed it.

As if in slow motion, the ENTIRE skylight shattered, raining down into a million pieces

All Hands On Deck – Or, In This Case, On Stairs

And the million glass shards didn’t just all land on one level of flooring – they landed on all THREE levels of the staircase.

So to say we called in the troops for this clean-up job is an understatement. What started as a three-man roofings job quickly turned into an SOS call across all of our teams.

Fortunately, three more of our crews arrived to help the initial team pick up, vacuum, dust off, sweep, and clean the entire three levels of chaos.

That night, we were all on our hands and knees for over six hours, scouring the floor with a fine-tooth comb until we were completely sure we had gotten it all.

We Take Accountability To A Whole New Level – THREE Levels (Of Stairs), To Be Exact

As you can imagine, our Delaware Valley customer was NOT happy about the situation. But her shock slowly melted away as she saw the attention, work, and responsibility we took to fix our innocent mistake.

And though pulling three crews off other less urgent projects and working well into the night was not how we had planned to spend our time, Rosenello’s was able to get the situation sorted out. And we got our customers’ home clean as a whistle once again.

By the time we left that night, she was thrilled to have her home back in tack and cleaner than when we arrived. Plus, her initial horror had completely transformed into utter joy and appreciation as she saw us take full accountability.

This may be an extreme mishap (and we hope it NEVER happens again). But it shows the kind of company we are, the “get it done – no matter what” attitude we embody, and the total customer satisfaction we ensure.

So, when you’re ready to work with a Delaware Valley replacement window, siding, or roofing company that defies expectations, Rosenello’s is your place! Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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