What Type Of Patio Door Is The Safest For Your Home In Langhorne, PA?

What Type Of Patio Door Is The Safest For
Your Home In Langhorne, PA?

An Evaluation Of Bifold, French,
Sliding Patio Doors

The safety and security of your family are at the forefront of your mind when shopping for patio doors for your Langhorne, PA, home. While it’s nice to open this entryway during nice weather, it’s not ideal if you don’t have a way to secure it when it’s closed. So, which patio door style is the safest?

The three primary types of patio doors are bifold, French, and sliding. Each offers different benefits for safety. However, you’ll find premium door options are all quite secure with today’s technology.

This article will cover the safety benefits of each type of patio door so you can make the most informed decision for your purchase. Read on to learn more about these options.

How Safe Are Bifold Doors?

Because bifold doors offer panoramic views through their massive panes of glass, they give the impression of being a safety and security nightmare. However, the opposite is true, as these are one of the most secure options for exterior doors.

It should be noted that you must have a significantly large amount of space to accommodate one of these doors. They generally take up an entire wall and open in an accordion fashion, requiring space inside and outside your home for the glass panels.


Bifold doors will have double glazing as a bare minimum. As an added benefit, your Bucks County home will have improved energy efficiency. In relation to security, double-glazed glass is extremely sturdy and hard to break. In addition, with the bifold door design, the internally beaded frames should overlap with the glass for even better protection.

Considering thicker glass will also improve its durability and resilience against breaking. This is an excellent factor when considering break-ins and aids in preventing accidental breakages that could result in severe injury.

Multi-Point Locking Systems

Unlike traditional sliding patio doors, bifold doors have multi-point locking systems that secure the doors at various points around the frames and tracks. The number of points will depend on the style and model of the door you purchase.

The most common option is a three-point locking system, but more advanced five-point locking systems are available. Once the system is engaged, your door will not move until the locks are disengaged, keeping your family safe and secure.

How Safe Are French Patio Doors?

French patio doors are one of the original options if you want a more traditional style for your patio door. They also have a long list of features – making them exceptionally secure options to add to your Langhorne, PA, home.

Set In A Frame

French doors are set within a frame. On top of this, they use pivots and hinges and are secured by a central locking point. This design makes them more structurally sound and reliable.

The central locking point also enhances the doors’ overall sturdiness. Combining the locking point with hinges on the opposite side makes the doors more challenging for a criminal to attempt a break-in.

Glass Options

Lower-quality French doors will not have the advanced safety and security you want for your home. When you turn to a reliable local patio door company, they won’t offer you anything less than the best products, which include premium glass options to enhance your door.

You can choose from double glazing, triple glazing, and toughened safety glass to ensure your glass panes are resilient against damage. This will make breaching your home challenging and protect your family members from accidents.

How Safe Are Sliding Patio Doors?

Sliding patio doors are one of the most commonly installed options for homes in Bucks County. They take up less space and offer a traditional appearance.

In years past, they were one of the least secure door options, but technology has significantly improved – making them one of the best choices for safety and security.

Advanced Locking Systems

Years ago, sliding patio doors came with simple, easy-to-break locks that barely secured the doors. These were nothing for a burglar to contend with or your child to navigate to let themselves out of the house unnoticed.

Today, with innovative measures, new locking systems have been developed to keep your home safe and secure. Many sliding patio doors now feature multi-point locking systems, much like bifold doors.

Glass Options

When you select your door, you’ll need to choose the best options available for the glass panes. Choosing a shatterproof option with a high-energy efficiency rating will ensure your home is protected and your energy bills stay down.

Not all sliding patio doors are the same. You have a lot of control over the quality of the safety and security you get with your selection.

The Bottom Line

All three patio door styles offer exceptional safety and security options when you purchase a high-quality door. Cheaply-made doors will not produce the same benefits and will often leave you in a bind. Depending on your style and taste, you can find the ideal option that meets all your needs.

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