What Type Of Patio Door Is The Best For Cold Weather In Langhorne, PA?

What Type Of Patio Door Is The Best For
Cold Weather In Langhorne, PA?

Choosing The Right Door To Keep Your
Home Warm This Winter

Patio doors are an excellent way to add more natural light to any Langhorne, PA, home. They make the summer more enjoyable, providing easy access to outdoor living spaces. In addition, they can maximize the ventilation within your home, allowing fresh air to flow freely through every time you open them.

Because our climate leans toward harsh winter weather, when you choose your new patio door, you’ll need to account for protecting your home during the coldest season. You’ll need to consider several important factors to find the best door that meets all your needs.

This article will explore the elements you’ll need to evaluate when selecting the perfect patio door for your home and needs. We’ll cover all the essentials, from how you plan to use the door to the style you want. Read on to learn more.

Sliding Vs. French Patio Doors

French and sliding patio doors are the most traditional options. Your first step in choosing a patio door will be determining which style you want. Sliding patio doors take up significantly less space than French doors, which must be installed as an inswing or outswing.

While both will offer the option to allow fresh air and natural lighting into your Bucks County home, consider how they will perform in the winter. In this instance, a sliding patio door may be ideal for you based on its operation.

When the snow builds up on the ground and drifts form up against your patio door, how it opens will determine how easily you can get out through that door. With a sliding door, you won’t have a lot of trouble. If you chose outswing French doors, you might not get to use that door until you’ve completely shoveled your outdoor living space.

Energy-Efficient Glass

Not all patio doors are designed equally – some are made with lower-end materials, including glass. Because an exterior door is a major investment in your home, you’ll want the best of everything to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Choosing the right glass is essential to ensuring you don’t experience heat loss in the winter. Energy-efficient glass options prevent heat transfer across the panes, keeping warm air inside and frigid drafts outside.

Double-pane glass offers optimal energy savings, especially when coupled with low-E coating. This coating acts as a reflective shield that improves the glass’s ability to keep your indoor temperature steady, allowing your heating and cooling system to work less.

If you decide on a sliding patio door, choosing one with mini blinds between the glass panes may not be the most energy-efficient option. You’ll have better results selecting a door with double-pane glass and adding window treatments.

Choose The Best Material

The most popular materials for patio doors are vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. Each offers exceptional benefits and can withstand our Langhorne, PA, winter weather — if you choose a quality door.

Many homeowners hear “vinyl” and automatically think it’s not durable, sturdy, or energy efficient. Those are all misconceptions created by companies who don’t want you to know that this cost-effective material is highly versatile and does a fantastic job protecting homes in our area.

You can get vinyl that looks like beautiful wood grain, and it will shake off winter storms as if nothing happened. With improvements in technology, this material has come a long way since it was first used in home remodeling projects decades ago.

Fiberglass is more expensive than vinyl but can also be selected in options that mimic natural wood. It’s built to resist expansion and contraction in response to changing temperatures, making it highly resilient.

While wood is one of the most beautiful materials you can select for any exterior door, you’ll need to be prepared for the maintenance required to keep it in excellent condition. With this option, you can achieve a stunning aesthetic and keep the cold at bay, but it will need frequent attention to last its expected lifespan.

Rosenello’s Windows Can Help You Find The Ideal
Patio Door For Your Langhorne, PA, Home

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