What To Expect During Your Langhorne, PA, Home’s Roof Replacement Project

What To Expect During Your Langhorne, PA, Home’s
Roof Replacement Project

Your Roof Replacement Explained, From The
Inspection To The Final Walkthrough

Having your Langhorne, PA, home’s roof replaced doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. When you know what to expect, you can calm your fears and put your mind at ease – while your roofing contractors work their magic.

Especially if this is your first time, understanding the roof replacement process can help you make fully informed decisions as your project progresses.

With the right information in your back pocket, you can better prepare your home, mind, and wallet for the work ahead. Read on to learn about the roof replacement process – from the inspection to the final walkthrough – so you’re fully prepared for your project.

A Thorough Inspection Of Your Existing Roof

Once you’ve selected your local Bucks County roofing contractor for the job, they’ll need to thoroughly inspect your existing roof. To complete your project correctly, they must know precisely what they’re working with, which will involve checking the attic and support structures.

The reason for this part of this process is to determine if the current supporting structure of your roof is fit to hold your new roof. Additionally, a good contractor will help you choose your new asphalt shingle style and design.

Planning The Roof Replacement

Once the inspection is completed and you accept the provided estimate, your roofing contractor will work on planning your roof replacement project. If there is structural damage to your roof, they’ll obtain the necessary permits to complete the repairs. Otherwise, they’ll arrange everything with you at a time that fits your schedule.

During this time, they’ll also order all needed supplies, including your new residential roofing shingles and the dumpster to haul your old roofing materials. These supplies will likely be delivered directly to your home – which will be coordinated with you before arrival.

The Tear-Off Phase

The first step of your roof replacement will be the tear-off of your existing roof. Before your roofing contractor begins this step, they will protect your home and landscaping from potential damage. Typically, they will use protective coverings that prevent debris from accidentally striking rwindow, siding and plants.

When you hire a responsible Bucks County roofer, they will remove all parts of your existing roof before beginning the installation of your new roof. This ensures your manufacturer’s warranty will be honored by following their installation requirements. In addition, your roof will last longer because it’s not installed on another roof.

This process also allows them to have a better look at your decking – the supportive structure your roof is attached to. With the decking exposed, they can see problems that were not clearly visible before – allowing them to be addressed before the new roof is installed.

Installation Of The New Roof

Your new roofing materials will be installed, starting with the underlayment. This protective layer lines the roof beneath the shingles to protect it from water damage. Depending on your options and the contractor’s preferences, this will likely include an ice and water barrier – due to the harsh winter weather in Langhorne, PA.

Once the underlayment is installed, they can install your shingles. This process begins with starter shingles toward the bottom and side edges of your decking. Next, using roofing nails, they’ll install your asphalt shingles in staggered rows. Along the roof’s ridge, they’ll hip and ridge shingles.

The Cleanup And Walkthrough

Once the final shingle is in place, the project lead will do a final inspection on your roof to evaluate the quality of the installation – ensuring it’s up to the company’s standards. During this time, the crew will thoroughly clean up your property, including removing any debris that missed the dumpster and a detailed sweep for fallen roofing nails.

Before they leave, the project lead will complete a walkthrough with you. This is your time to ask questions and raise concerns. Once you agree that the project is entirely satisfactory, they’ll consider it a done deal. It’s important to remember that this is your opportunity to remind them of anything they have forgotten to do that was previously agreed upon.

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