What To Do When You Have A Roofing Disaster Or Emergency At Your Langhorne, PA

What To Do When You Have A Roofing Disaster
Or Emergency At Your Langhorne, PA, Home

The Steps You Should Take To Keep Your
Family Safe And Handle The Damage

The weather here in Langhorne, PA, isn’t always predictable – which isn’t the best news for our asphalt shingle roofing. When severe storms pass through, there’s the potential for wind damage or even falling trees. If you experience a roofing emergency or disaster, you need to act quickly to ensure the safety of your family and home.

Since these emergencies don’t happen daily – knowing exactly what to do can be challenging. It’s critical to follow all the right steps. Here at Rosenello’s Windows, we created this guide to help you through the steps you need to take following a roofing disaster. Read on to learn more.

Stay Calm No Matter How Stressful It Gets

One thing to remember in any emergency is to stay as calm as possible. This will allow you to clearly think through the situation and make the best choices. A roofing disaster can put undue pressure on homeowners, causing irrational thought processes that lead to very poor decisions.

For example, with the stress of a destroyed roof, you could be tempted to buy “fly-by-night roofing contractors” that show up following devastating storms.

These individuals are generally not qualified or licensed. They take advantage of desperate homeowners, leaving them in a mess with half-done work and disappearing with the money in their pockets.

When you take a step back and think about the situation, you can easily see how these characters are shady at best. Hiring an untrustworthy company is never the right choice for your roof replacement project.

Get Everyone To Safety

As the emergency is happening, you will need to evaluate your surroundings to ensure that you and everyone in your Bucks County home are safe.

Everyone must carefully exit the house if there is a need to evacuate because of severe structural damage. Additionally, small holes or leaks can cause electrical damage – resulting in dangerous fires.

If it’s not safe to evacuate, cut off the power to your home and relocate everyone to the safest location within the house. This will be the most centralized room on the first floor or in the basement, where the building is the most structurally sound. In these areas, it is less likely to experience a collapse.

Carefully Assess The Damage

Once the weather has cleared, you will need to assess the damage. It’s best if you can do this from the ground, as it may be unsafe to walk on the roof. Walk around the perimeter of your home, evaluating the state of your residential roofing shingles.

You’ll want to assess how large any visible holes are so that you can relay the information to your asphalt roofers and insurance agent. If it’s safe, you can also evaluate the damage from inside your attic space.

One of the best ways to assess the damage is to call a local Langhorne, PA, roofing company for a thorough inspection. They can provide an estimate for the cost of their repairs or tell you how much it would cost for a roof replacement project if the damage is severe enough.

In addition, they’ll know the best way to navigate your damaged roof safely. While more extensive damage will be easily noticeable, they’ll also have a keen eye for smaller damage that needs to be addressed. In many cases, there may be significantly more wrong with your roof than you suspect.

Make An Appointment For Emergency Roofing Service

If you completed your own inspection of the roof, you’ll need to relay the information to your chosen roofing company. It’s critical to explain the extent of the damage, how your asphalt roof shingles look, and other important information related to what type of work will need to be completed.

It’s important to make this call as quickly as possible, as you’re likely not the only homeowner experiencing a roofing emergency in the area. Getting scheduled with your preferred roofer can be challenging, depending on how many people have called ahead of you.

At the same time, it’s essential not to settle for less. You need a trusted local roofer with a strong reputation in Bucks County for delivering honest, reliable work.

Notify Your Insurance Agency

You must also contact your insurance agency to begin the claim process. They will need as much information as possible. When you choose a reliable roofing company, they will generally help you through the claims process – acting as a liaison for the insurance company.

You’ll need photos of the damage and, in some cases, video evidence. However, you should not take any risks to collect either of these. Try to obtain all your evidence from the ground instead of climbing onto an unsafe roof. Alternatively, you could ask your roofing contractor for assistance as they complete their inspection.

Consider A Roof Replacement

If you have excessive damage, there’s generally no point in attempting repairs, as it will not be cost-effective. A roof replacement is the best option to guarantee a solid roof over your head. Your roofing contractor will determine the best course of action and make a recommendation based on the damage and age of your roof.

Turn To Rosenello’s Windows When You Have An Asphalt Shingle
Roofing Emergency In Langhorne, PA

After a severe storm strikes your Langhorne, PA, home, turn to an asphalt shingle roofing contractor you can trust. Here at Rosenello’s Windows, we’re unlike other contractors – we deliver on our promises, ensuring you get fantastic results every time.

We’re professional in all things, provide crystal-clear communication, and are obsessed with the details. This combination guarantees you’ll have an experience unlike anything you’ve ever had with an exterior remodeling company.

Call Rosenello’s Windows today at (215) 244-3993 to schedule a free estimate.

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