Vinyl Siding Styles For Your Home

12 Vinyl Siding Styles For Your Holland, PA, Home

The Stunning Options Available For
Cladding Your Home

If you want to boost your Holland, PA, home’s curb appeal, consider a vinyl siding replacement. While this material might seem ordinary, it’s anything but. In fact, it comes in many excellent style options. You’ll be able to choose from different styles of vinyl siding to find the best fit for your home’s aesthetic, increasing its visual appeal.

While you’re working with your siding installer, you’ll want to discuss important factors for each different style of vinyl siding, including the following:

  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Color
  • Price
  • Profile
  • Texture

Choosing the appropriate style of vinyl siding for your home is essential to ensuring your long-term satisfaction with your siding installation. In this article, we’ll explore the different styles of vinyl siding, giving you a better idea of your options when choosing your ideal new cladding.

Clapboard Siding

Originally introduced in Colonial times, the clapboard style is the most traditional method of cladding a house. It’s also called horizontal or lap siding. You can find this siding style on some of the most notable historic homes in the United States.

The design features long, narrow boards that your installer will nail lengthwise to the house’s wall. These boards have the appearance of wood in both texture and profile. The profile is enhanced by the shadow line created from overlapping planks from top to bottom

Traditional Lap Siding

Similar to clapboard siding, traditional lap siding is also installed horizontally – planks overlap from bottom to top. They are designed in a wedge shape with a narrower top than the bottom. Because of this design and the way the planks overlap, shedding water is more efficient, and the siding is highly effective at protecting the home’s structure beneath.

The primary differences between traditional lap and clapboard are the size of the planks and the shadow lines created. For traditional lap siding, the planks are generally 6-7 inches instead of the 4 inches common in clapboard siding. It also features a more profound profile because of the deeper shadow lines created by the wedge-shaped planks.

Dutch Lap Siding

Dutch lap siding features a sharper bevel than other traditional lap siding styles. This creates an even sharper contrast between the planks because of more even lines and more pronounced shadows.

This siding style is specifically designed to have a hand-carved look – which is why many homeowners choose it. Instead of being installed in planks, Dutch lap is installed in sections and manufactured in sheets.

Half-Round Or Scalloped Siding

Also called fish scale siding, the scalloped style comprises half-round shingles. This style is incredibly picturesque on gables. In addition, it provides a historical and classical appearance that can take your Bucks County home to the next level.

Cedar Shake Siding

Many homeowners love the appearance of cedar shakes on their homes because of the unique and beautiful aesthetic they provide. However, they require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking great and will, over time, turn gray with exposure to the sun and elements.

But when this style of siding is manufactured with vinyl, you can enjoy the look of natural cedar shakes without all the maintenance. This option is manufactured in sheets and is perfectly designed to mimic the appearance of traditional cedar shake siding.

Traditional Shake Siding

Traditional shake is also called straight-edge siding. Regardless of whether you opt for texture on your siding, it will always have a straight edge, unlike the uneven edges of cedar shake. You can expect clean and crisp lines if you choose this option for your Holland, PA, home. In addition, you’ll have straight shadow lines.

While you can have texture on the individual shingles, this style of vinyl siding will always give the impression of being clean-cut and linear.

Hand-Split Shake Siding

Also called staggered-edge siding, the hand-split shake style features complex shadow lines. This option is closer in style to cedar shake than traditional shake; however, it can be manufactured in full panels for easier installation.

Wood Grain Siding

If you’re interested in the natural look of wood but want to avoid extra maintenance, you can choose wood grain vinyl siding. This option perfectly mimics natural wood grain but will never rot or attract termites.

You can choose both vertical and horizontal options for your Bucks County home. The result will lend your home the appearance of being clad in perfectly stained wood.

Board & Batten Siding

Commonly used on barns, board and batten siding has become a popular style for residential structures. This type of vinyl siding can be installed with the boards being horizontally or vertically positioned. In between the boards, thin strips of wood (the battens) are fixed over the gaps.

However, when you choose this style in vinyl, everything comes as one piece. Your installer will have each section in one panel for ease of installation – making the process much smoother with no loss of aesthetic.

Beaded Seam Siding

At one time, all siding planks were handmade, and the beaded seam style was only found on the homes of the wealthy. This type of vinyl siding features a rounded notch cut into the bottom edge, which creates a unique shadow line.

The style is more prevalent now with the advancements in production. It has a clean look and many colors, making it more appealing to homeowners.

Log Vinyl Siding

Consider the log vinyl siding style for the ultimate rustic appearance. You can create the aesthetic of a log cabin and never have to worry about all the maintenance that goes into preserving one.

Smooth Siding

If you want to make a modern impression with your new siding, you can consider smooth siding. This option features no texture or dimension on the surface of the material. It also does not display any shadow lines. This style is designed to mimic the appearance of freshly painted wood and pairs well with modern architecture.

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From hiring the best installers to offering only the best selection of products, you won’t find better value for your investment. Now that you know a bit about available types, learn how to choose the best vinyl siding for your property here!

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