Understanding Terminology About Your Windows In Southampton, PA

Don’t Be Confused By Terminology For Your
Southampton, PA, Windows

Knowing Window Terminology Means
Understanding Your Windows

When it’s time to replace your window in Southampton, PA you might come across a long list of window terminology that leaves you scratching your head in confusion.

Whether you see the terminology when doing your window research online or hear the terms when interviewing prospective window installers, it’s best to know what exactly is being said.

Being confused by the terms can leave you behind the curve on your window installation process and could leave you vulnerable to working with contractors who just might not have your best interest in mind.

So, to avoid all of those issues, let’s go through some of the most commonly used window terms.

How Are Windows Energy Efficient?

In your search for the perfect window for your Southampton, PA, home you have likely heard or seen the term “energy efficient” more times than you can count. But what exactly does this term mean?

Basically, energy-efficient window are window that have been specifically designed to prevent cold or heated air from getting out of your home.

These specialty window make sure that your heating and cooling system isn’t working overtime to maintain the temperature in your home. Most of the time, installing energy-efficient window means a reduction in your energy bills! But that isn’t the only benefit of energy-efficient window.

Protecting Your Family From UV Rays

The specific coating designed especially for energy-efficient window is wonderful at filtering harmful UV rays from entering your home. You can rest assured that anyone living in your home will be protected from strong UV rays.

Not only that but your furniture and carpeting will thank you too.

Reducing Condensation Buildup On Your Windows

Energy-efficient window are also incredibly useful for preventing condensation buildup. Due to the specific construction of these window, you are far less likely to have to deal with any excess moisture.

Not only do you prevent extreme heat or cool loss with energy-efficient window, but you also prevent the high risk of mold forming as well.

You may be wondering – what part of the window makes it energy efficient?

What Is A Window Pane?

Ever heard of a window pane? Have you ever wondered what part of your window that is? Well, let us explain!

Window panes are simply the sheets of glass that are inside your window.

Windows can have single-pane thickness or double-pane thickness (or dual-pane). And don’t forget about triple-pane!

While single-pane window come with one single layer of glass and can often cost less during window installation, those initial cost-cutting measures could come back to bite you later on.

Dual pane window are often sturdy, noise-reducing, and energy efficient.

While they may cost more at first, they’ll end up saving you more in the long run!

What Does U-Factor Mean For Your Windows?

The U-factor is a measurement of your window’s ability to insulate your home determined by the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC)

While measuring a replacement windows U-factor, the NFRC takes into account the frame, glazing, and spaces to come up with an overall rating.

What Does The Window Sash Do?

A window sash is the part of your window that surrounds the glass and holds it into place.The sash is an integral part of your window’s construction. It keeps the window stable and prevents you from experiencing uncomfortable drafts in your home or air leaks.

Window sashes can either be moveable or permanently placed, but even moveable window sashes ensure that your window has the perfect airtight seal.

The number of sashes used in your window replacement installation can depend on the type of window you choose to go with.

You’ll know it might be time to replace your window sash if water begins to enter your home or if you are beginning to feel a draft in your home. Usually, window sashes are durable and don’t need to be replaced for a number of years.

What Are Window Mullions?

When replacing window or even patio doors, you may have come across the term mullions.

A mullion is simply the vertical bar you see between the panes in your new window. Way back when, mullions were a vital parts of the window construction process and were used to hold individual panes of glass together in larger window.

Now, mullions are primarily decorative.

They sure do make your window look good!

Understanding Your Window Replacement In Southampton, PA

When it comes time for your window replacement with Rosenello’s Windows, we will ensure that you understand every step of the process. Our window installation team welcomes all of your questions to ensure that you receive the best window replacement service possible and understand every moment of the process.

Rosenello’s Windows relies on our esteemed expertise and in-depth subject knowledge to make sure that all of our customers have peace of mind when choosing their new window styles to complement their home’s aesthetic and keep the home and those within it safe.

If you are looking for the most reliable window installers in the Bucks County Area who will keep you informed through the process, reach out to Rosenello’s Windows to set up a free estimate.

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