The Best Window Options For Every Room

Choosing The Best Window Style For Every
Room In Your Wrightstown, PA Home

You Deserve Windows As Unique As Your
Home With Great Installation

Your home has unique rooms with different needs for style, privacy, and lighting. You can make the windows on your Wrightstown, PA home unique by choosing different window styles for each room.

Rosenello’s Windows is the local window expert dedicated to helping homeowners make the best choice. Using our experience and knowledge of windows, you can trust our recommendations for what kind of window might work in every room in your house. Let’s discuss more!

What Are The Best Windows For My Living Room?

Your living room could have a blend of different window types. Some homeowners choose to start with a picture window that offers a nice, complete view of the outside, though it does not open.

Picture windows are especially popular amongst people who have a nice back or front yard to look at or who live on a hill with a great view. Of course, one of the best parts of a picture window is the large amount of sunlight that can come right through. Sunlight can improve your mood and lower your electric bill.

If you want a window that does open, a casement window is a great idea. Casement windows come in some varieties, but you might choose a tall casement window for the nice lines they present alongside a picture window. Casement windows tend outside with a crank, which lets a nice, directed breeze into your home. These make it hard for intruders to get in, so they are secure!

What Are My Best Window Options For My Kitchen?

Bay windows are often appreciated by homeowners like you while in the kitchen. A bay window and its similar counterpart, a bow window, involves pushing the windows out past the exterior wall, which also gives you the opportunity to make a ledge for plants.

One major reason bay windows are popular in the kitchen comes from the wide view they offer. If your kitchen overlooks the front or back yard, you can see what the kids or your pets are doing back there! A bay window near your dining table also gives you a nice view during mealtime, too.

The kitchen also has places that are a little hard to reach, like the windows that are in front of your sink. These are the perfect places to put casement windows. The advantage of casement windows comes from their crank. You won’t need to reach awkwardly for the bottom of the window to lift when you can rotate the crank to get the window open.

What Kinds Of Windows Should I Choose For My Bathroom?

Most Bucks County homeowners tend to prioritize privacy in the bathroom along with letting in lots of light. The best way to achieve this combination is with frosted glass or windows that are higher up, including single-hung windows and casement windows. Single-hung windows refer to a traditional style that opens from the bottom and just slides up.

The key difference between your casement and single-hung windows is that single-hung windows don’t have a crank.

How Should I Choose My Windows For The Bedroom?

While you could choose from many styles, some homeowners choose an option called a double-hung window. A double-hung window has two vertical sashes (window panes) that open from the top and bottom. These allow for excellent ventilation, which will be nice if you like to sleep with a nice breeze.

People who like to sleep with the windows open during the summer will love this! You should also consider how much light you’d like in your bedroom when deciding on window sizes and treatments.

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