Shop Value – Not Price

While Low Quotes Are Nice To Hear,
The Value Behind Them Just
Doesn’t Measure Up

The Truth Behind Those Low-Quotes
From Local Contractors?
All Show – No Go

If you keep your eyes open in any town in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, there’s a good chance you’ll spot a home contractor rolling by at some point. Members of our industry are everywhere, and, unfortunately, most of them are tossing out low bids like candy as they race each other to the bottom.

Truthfully, it’s possible to beat any quote so long as you’re willing to lower your standards further than the next guy.

At Rosenello’s Windows, we refuse to focus only on price. After 30 years in the window, siding, and roofing industry, we know how to deliver high value for a fair price on every remodel.

But if you’re still inclined to choose the lowest quote out there, you need to know what you’re really buying.

Dollar-Store Quality Materials

When you look over that low-low quote, check the specifics. You’ll likely see line items like “underlayment” and “trim” listed among the project materials. If you don’t see manufacturer names or part numbers, prepare yourself for interesting times in the near future.

Even if your new siding is CertainTeed, your new shingles come from GAF, or your new window custom built by a major manufacturer, your build quality is far from guaranteed.

Your underlayment will likely be felt paper instead of the synthetics demanded by most manufacturers. And your trim will likely come from a big box store, just as long as the color mostly matches your siding. (No, no, we’re shooting for contrast, honest!)

We also carry those top brands and get our window from the top national manufacturer, but we don’t stop at what you can see. We also use GAFs roofing systems, CertainTeed’s siding trim and adhere to all manufacturer’s recommendations during installation.

And you should be glad we do – your warranty depends on it!

Quietly Voided Warranties

There are two types of warranties – manufacturer defect and workmanship. Generally, your exterior home contractor will offer some kind of workmanship guarantee to cover installation errors for as little as several months to as long as decades.

Defect warranties are offered by the manufacturer, but they are based on certain expectations – like following their installation recommendations. Often, those instructions involve using the proper underlayment or trim.

If your contractor ignores those instructions and uses whatever is cheapest to make that low bid work out, your defect coverage is void. If your roofer uses just one less nail on each shingle than instructed, your warranty is toast before your roof is even finished.

With window, that can be a very expensive problem. If you have a window crack within three years because it was installed improperly, you’re simply out of luck.

Now, with Rosenello’s, not only will your warranty be in full force, we’ll even register it with the manufacturer, so you don’t have to deal with the paperwork.

And when it comes to a workmanship guarantee, nobody can touch our commitment to our clients. If you have a problem with your finished project and it’s the result of something we did – we’ve got your back 5, 10, or even 20 years down the road.

We can do this because we know our installers. Most have been with us for a decade or more, so we trust them to get the details right on every single project.

Those low-bid contractors can’t say the same.

Poorly-Vetted And Barely-Trained Installers

In the exterior home renovation world, there are only a few ways to control costs. And the biggest savings can be found through cheap labor – if you’re short-sighted enough to think that’s a good idea.

Sadly, many contractors can’t see past their next expense… and they hire accordingly.

It’s fair to say that installing window, roofing, and siding isn’t rocket science. But it does take experience, training, and determination to get it right. And as new technologies come along, the smart contractors send their crews to learn those new techniques.

But to the low-bid class of contractors, all that just sounds like money they don’t get to keep. And when they pare their bids down to the bone, anything that costs extra isn’t a viable option.

Besides, they know that no matter how badly they messed up the installation, you’ll still be blown away by the changed look of your home.

Looks Great – Won’t Last

Everyone loves a big reveal, and the homeowners of New Jersey and Pennsylvania are no different. The moment you step back and take in your new window, siding, or roof is a big one – no matter how poor the installation.


Because all the problems waiting to ruin your day in a year or two are hiding under all the pretty new stuff.

So, while you’re dazzled by your home’s shiny new look, Carl’s Low-Bid Contracting is shoving the final job approval under your nose and asking you to sign off on the work. And if Carl has a workmanship guarantee that outlasts the moment his taillights fade out of view, it won’t be by much.

For Best Results, Think Value First

At Rosenello’s Windows, we’ve been laser-focused on providing superior value since the day we opened our doors. We will likely never be the low bid on any project, but we will always offer the most bang for your buck.

We don’t carry brands we can’t trust, but we do carry high-quality products that will fit into the budget of almost any household.

And if you want to stretch a bit to step up a notch in aesthetics (everything we sell performs, but some products are awful pretty), we have fast and affordable financing available.

And along with our high-value products, you get well-trained, respectful, and talented installers with years of experience in their field.

The manufacturers trust us enough to allow us to offer their warranties, and we trust our installers enough to guarantee their work for years to come.

Yes, you could spend less with someone else, but it’ll cost you decades of peace of mind and, quite possibly, thousands of dollars down the road.

If you need replacement window, fresh siding, or a new roof for your Pennsylvania or New Jersey home and want the best possible value, contact us at Rosenello’s Windows for a free estimate.

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