Maintain Your Patio Doors With Ease In Willow Grove, PA

The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining Your
Willow Grove, PA Patio Doors

Keep Your Patio Doors Beautiful For Years

When you choose to have your patio doors in Willow Grove, PA, installed by Rosenello’s Windows, you’ll have the chance to custom-design beautiful exterior patio doors that enhance your home’s aesthetic.

Patio doors are an incredible way to bring the outside world into your home and let the natural light shine through at all times of the year. Our patio doors are durable, stunning, and easy to maintain.

But to be absolutely sure that your sliding patio doors function and look like new for years to come, there are some things that every homeowner can do. Here are a few tips and tricks for maintaining your replacement patio doors for years to come.

Clean The Tracks Of Your Patio Doors

There’s nothing worse than patio doors that don’t function the way they should. Sliding doors should open and close easily and without making a sound. But, over the years, you may notice that your doors aren’t functioning quite like they used to.

One reason for this is debris and dust being stuck in the tracks of your sliding patio doors. Luckily, you can avoid this issue with just a few simple steps.

Every once in a while, we recommend taking a vacuum to the tracks of your patio doors in your Willow Grove, PA, home. This will help remove any debris that could be in the way, like crumbs or pet hair.

After you take a vacuum to your tracks, take some time to wipe it down with a little bit of warm, soapy water. This can get rid of the dirt and clear your tracks from anything that might be left behind after the vacuum.

Soon, you’ll find that your door may be opening and closing much easier. Cleaning the tracks is also vital in ensuring that your patio doors remain sealed properly and are as energy-efficient as possible.

If you notice that cleaning the tracks hasn’t really done the trick in improving your door function, then you can move on to another important maintenance step.

Lubricating The Bottom Track Of Your Patio Doors

Homeowners can lubricate the tracks of their patio doors in Bucks County to help improve the function. It’s important to make sure that the track has been cleaned of any debris or dust before you add a lubricant to ensure that you don’t wind up trapping the dust there.

Then, you can simply take a lubricant of your choice and spray it on the tracks. This should help the function of your doors. If not, then you may need to check to see that your door is still properly on the tracks and turn to the experts to ensure that there is no bigger issue that you can’t see or haven’t noticed.

Keeping The Glass Clean On Your Patio Doors

Our beautiful patio doors are designed with long-standing and durable glass that brings natural light into your home. Just like it’s important to keep the glass on your replacement windows clean, it’s important to keep the glass on your patio door’s glass clean, too.

You can clean the glass on your patio doors by simply wiping it down with a glass cleaner every once in a while. This will help remove any smudges or smears that may have appeared on the glass and keep dirt from building up on your doors.

If dirt is permitted to build on your glass for a long time, you may be looking at issues with your glass cracking or being scratched. Cleaning the glass on your doors can also help to keep dirt and debris from getting into your frames and harming the function of your sliding patio doors.

Patio doors free from smudges and dirt help your home remain beautiful and give you a wonderful view from the comfort of your own home.

Wipe Down The Frames Of Your Patio Doors

Homeowners can keep the inside and outside of their patio doors looking beautiful by cleaning the door frames on a regular basis.

You can wipe down the frame with some lightly soapy water or simply dust them to keep them clean. Make sure not to rely on cleaning solutions with harsh chemicals to avoid damaging the paint on your frames.

If you follow these steps, you are sure to have patio doors that add to the aesthetic of your home for years to come.

Homeowners who are interested in installing patio doors in their Willow Grove, PA, home should contact Rosenello’s Windows for a free estimate today.

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