Is Vinyl Siding Durable?

Is Vinyl Siding A Durable Choice For
Your Holland, PA, Home?

What You Need To Know About Choosing
Vinyl Siding For Your Exterior
Remodeling Project

While deciding on the new siding material for your Holland, PA, home, you’ve probably heard a lot of negative talk about vinyl siding. While all vinyl siding isn’t created equally, when you choose a good quality brand and product, you’ll get fabulous results. Like with all things, when you buy cheaply made products, you get what you pay for, which is where the rumors start.

The truth is vinyl siding is an excellent choice for homes in the Bucks County area for several reasons. If you choose this option, you’ll be thrilled with the results, enjoying long-lasting beauty and protection. We’ll explain how vinyl siding is durable and the benefits of choosing this material.

Vinyl Siding Is Built Tough

A lot of the misinformation today stems from the original vinyl siding material first introduced in the 1950s. What was introduced as an alternative to aluminum siding came up short when it failed due to cracking, sagging, fading, and buckling.

Since then, many advances have been made in the technology behind the material. Today, high-quality vinyl siding is designed to withstand winds of up to 110 mph and, in some cases, even higher. When properly installed, it will resist heat, cold, and moisture effects.

Vinyl siding doesn’t warp, rust, rot, or corrode – it’s also designed to be dent-resistant. Because it’s made of high-grade plastic, it is highly unappealing to termites, so your home will be better protected against these destructive pests.

The industry continues to make innovations to ensure vinyl siding can deliver long-term durability. This siding option also offers incredible weather protection due to its multiple points of attachment. In addition, its colors will remain vibrant over its lifespan due to the presence of UV coatings.

Because of how durable vinyl siding is today, most manufacturers will provide homeowners with exceptional warranties. Some of these warranties will cover up to 50 years of product defects.

In truth, there aren’t many alternatives that can compete with this level of protection.

Minimal Maintenance Is Required To Keep Vinyl Siding Going Strong

In addition to the lifespan of vinyl siding being long-lasting, it takes very little to keep your Bucks County home’s vinyl siding in good condition. Because it’s so durable, you don’t have to seal, paint, scrape, or stain to maintain it – unlike alternative materials.

Instead, you can simply rinse it off with the garden hose once or twice a year.

The color of your siding is entirely homogeneous, which means what you see on top runs through the entirety of the material. Because of its design, you cannot scratch, strip, or scour the color from it – leaving you with an even look and feel across your home.

An Easy Option To Repair

Should damage happen to your vinyl siding, it doesn’t mean extensive repairs like other cladding materials would require. Your installer will use a special tool to detach the broken siding panel from the others and remove it. They’ll attach the new piece in its place, locking it in place with the panel above.

By jumping on repairs as soon as you see damage and defects, you can prolong the lifespan of your vinyl siding. Doing this will ensure it remains as durable as the day it was installed on your Holland, PA, home.

Vinyl Siding Resists Water

Another factor that makes vinyl siding a durable option is its water resistance. Unlike wood and fiber cement alternatives, vinyl siding doesn’t require extra attention to ensure it remains clear of water, whether standing or running. In addition, it won’t swell or lose color when exposed to water, providing a high level of performance.

When installed correctly, it will protect your Bucks County home from water infiltration that can severely damage your walls. Because it resists water, it also resists the growth of mold and mildew.

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