Is It Time To Replace Your Bensalem, PA Entry Doors? 5 Signs To Tell

Out With The Old And In With The New: Top 5
Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Old
Entry Door In Bensalem, PA

Don’t Let Your Entry Door Ruin
Your House’s Appearance

Your Bensalem, PA, entry doors say a lot about your home and, in effect, you. What kind of statement are you making with an old, damaged entry door? You can have the most pristine siding and energy-efficient windows, but with a gnarly entry door, you’re putting a bad taste in your visitors’ mouths.

But sometimes, signs of wear and damage aren’t so obvious. The outside of your entry door may still look decent, while worn seals cause heat to escape and drive your energy bills up.

Make some much-needed changes and elevate your Bensalem, PA, home with brand-new entry doors from Rosenello’s Windows. We’ll review the top five signs that it’s time to replace the entry door to your Bensalem, PA, home.

Your Entry Door Has Weather Damage

It’s no secret that Bensalem, PA, sees some pretty harsh winters. Sub-zero temperatures and water damage from ice and snow can do a number on your entry door, especially over a span of several years or decades.

Signs of weather damage include faded paint, warped frames, and splintering. Gaps also form around the door and let in drafts, so feeling drafts from around your door is another major sign.

Wood doors, in particular, expand and contract during temperature changes, causing warping over many years.

Your Entry Door Is Dented, Rusted, Or Cracked

While small dents may not look like a big deal at first, this kind of damage decreases your door’s structural integrity and makes it more vulnerable to further damage. Dents are most common in metal and fiberglass doors. Rust is a problem that is exclusive to metal doors and damages its strength and security.

Cracks are bad news as well, especially in wood doors. When wood entry doors are cracked, they absorb moisture and become vulnerable to further moisture damage, especially when it rains or snows.

At Rosenello’s Windows, we carry doors in various materials, including steel, wood, fiberglass, and more. No matter your tastes and preferences, we have the perfect entry door for your home.

Your Entry Door Is Difficult To Open And Close

One of the major signs your entry door needs to be replaced is if it’s difficult to open and close. Over time, weather can cause your door to warp, making it difficult to fit seamlessly into its frame.

Difficulty opening and closing your door indicates that your door no longer aligns with the door jamb, and it’s time to replace your entry door.

It can be tempting to sand down the edges of your door so it fits better into the frame, but this only exacerbates the problem. Gaps and openings around your entry door develop when your door warps, and by simply sanding down the edges, you make the gaps around your door larger.

Don’t risk a DIY disaster by modifying or replacing your own entry door. Have the job done right the first time by choosing the experts at Rosenello’s Windows for prompt, efficient, affordable entry door replacement.

Your Entry Door Squeaks On Its Hinges

If your entry door squeaks on its hinges, it may be a simple matter of lubricant. But if you find yourself replacing your hinges frequently or struggling to lock your door, it may mean your door has warped in its frame and no longer aligns with the locks.

At Rosenello’s Windows, we carry high-security entry doors with sophisticated multi-point locking systems and heavy, durable frames. Keep your home and family safe and sound behind our impenetrable entry doors!

Your Entry Door Has Damage From Moisture

Signs of moisture damage on a wooden entry door are bubbling paint, softwood, and – if you have glass features on your entry door – condensation.

Moisture damage spells bad news for your home, as it makes your home susceptible to rot, mold, and insects. A wet wooden door is like a neon sign guiding the way regarding insects and other pests!

Rosenello’s Windows carries top-of-the-line entry doors in durable materials such as fiberglass and steel, which are impervious to moisture damage.

For Attractive, Secure Entry Doors In Bensalem, PA,
Choose Rosenello’s Windows

Since 1985, Rosenello’s Windows has served Bucks County homeowners with exceptional service and unbeatable quality.

We offer only the best brands in entry doors in many styles and designs, giving you everything you need to find the perfect entry door for your Bensalem, PA, home.

If you’re thinking about replacing your entry door, reach out to us online for a free quote today.

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