How To Maintain Vinyl Siding

How To Maintain Your Richboro, PA, Home’s Vinyl Siding

Your Guide To Protecting Your Investment And
Keeping Your Cladding Looking Brand New

Having vinyl siding installed on your Richboro, PA, home can take its exterior to a whole new level of stunning beauty. It’s sure to turn heads in your neighborhood with how great it looks. While this material is one of the least intensive for maintenance requirements, you will still have to do some upkeep to ensure it stays in brand-new condition throughout its lifetime.

When you follow the tips and suggestions we’ve outlined below, you’ll enjoy the benefits of your vinyl siding for many years. Read on for everything you need to know about maintaining this excellent cladding material.

Keep Your Trees And Shrubbery Trimmed Back

While your vinyl siding is dependable and durable, it’s not infallible. You’ll need to keep your trees and shrubbery trimmed back to prevent punctures and holes. These plants can cause damage to the material, and if it’s bad enough, that section of the siding will need to be replaced. So, it’s best to avoid problems by keeping things from coming into contact with your home.

Inspect Your Siding Periodically

You’ll also need to periodically walk around your home, inspecting your vinyl siding for any signs of damage. This is especially important before you plan to clean it. Any imperfections in the surface, including cracks and holes, can lead to water damage during cleaning.

When you inspect it, look for cracked, broken, or warped panels. In addition, check your home’s interior along all exterior walls for signs of water damage. This type of damage will be a clear indicator that there is a problem with your siding.

If you find any damage, those panels will need to be replaced to ensure your home is fully protected and continues to look great. A great time to check is in the spring, following our harsh Bucks County winters.

Only Use Cleaners Specified For Your Vinyl Siding

When searching for vinyl siding installation in Richboro, PA, it’s essential to choose a company that will offer you all the information you need on the vinyl siding you choose for your home.

They should provide you with the manufacturer’s specifications for long-term care, including how to clean the surface correctly.

A best practice in using any cleaner on your vinyl siding is testing it in a small area before cleaning the entire surface. When the surface is mildly covered in dirt and debris, a solution made of laundry or dish soap, which are both mild, will work perfectly. You can use a bristle brush or a soft cloth to scrub and follow up with a rinse from your garden hose.

Follow All Directions When Using A Pressure Washer

To make the most of your vinyl siding installation, you may want to use a pressure washer to get it thoroughly clean. It’s essential to follow all directions for your pressure washer before use to avoid causing any water damage.

In addition, you need to be completely aware of all agreements in your siding warranty. Some manufacturers do not allow the use of pressure washers on their materials. In this situation, using a pressure washer will void your warranty, causing severe problems if you need to rely on it.

You’ll need to always stay in front of the siding, ensuring you do not spray water into the space between the siding. This area is prone to holding water, leading to severe damage that could cost you a lot of money to repair.

Clean Your Siding Annually

Your Bucks County vinyl siding installers should let you know that it’s best to clean your vinyl siding at least once annually. The best time to schedule a cleaning is during your spring home maintenance routine. You’ll be removing the previous year’s dirt and debris, getting ready for the summer.

It’s the perfect opportunity as you make the rest of your home spic and span. The best part is that cleaning vinyl siding is relatively quick and easy.

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