How To Determine If A Siding Company is Legit

How To Determine If A Richboro, PA,
Siding Company Is Legit

All The Signs You Need To Watch Out For
To Avoid Common Contractor Scams

Are you ready to install new vinyl siding on your Richboro, PA, home? While it can be an exhilarating experience getting a beautiful new exterior that will protect your home from the elements, you need to take care when searching for vinyl siding installation because not every contractor is legit.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common to have unsavory characters prey on homeowners who need vinyl siding installed. They can cause many problems, including completing shoddy installations, increasing costs without your knowledge, and even not finishing the project. To avoid this, use this guide to help you determine if a siding company is legit.

Verify Their License And Insurance

The number one red flag when choosing vinyl siding installers is a lack of a license or insurance. If the company you’re considering is reluctant to share this information with you or simply doesn’t have it, it’s in your best interests to move on to find one that does.

Many companies will advertise that they are both licensed and insured but have neither. To ensure your best interests are taken care of, you’ll need to request this information upfront before agreeing to any contract.

In addition, if a company doesn’t have insurance, you don’t want to consider them because of the liability placed on you. If something happens on your property, you’d be entirely responsible. This includes worker injuries and damages to your home.

Avoid Significantly Lower Bids

While saving money on your vinyl siding installation may seem like a great idea, it’s essential to remember you get what you pay for. When shopping around for vinyl siding installers in Bucks County, you should place more emphasis on value, not price.

Low-ball quotes are often signs of companies that aren’t above board. You’ll end up getting low-quality vinyl siding installed with poor precision. In the end, you’ll pay more because you’ll need a legit company to come in soon after to do a complete re-installation.

Additionally, you never know what kind of installers will complete your job. With companies that bid the lowest rates, you’ll often get untrained installers who haven’t been vetted.

Another tactic with low-ball quotes is to get you to agree, and then suddenly, in the midst of the project, “unforeseen problems” arise. These problems lead to skyrocketing costs you have not budgeted for that allow the company to make significantly more money than they originally quoted you.

Never Pay All The Money Upfront

Legit companies do not make you pay for their services 100% upfront. Any company that asks for this is questionable at best. If you are pressured to pay for the entire siding project before the project begins, it’s best not to move on with this company.

When you agree and pay the money as requested, a couple of things could happen. First, you may never see or hear from the contractor again. Second, they may begin performing extremely shoddy work you know won’t last. The problem is you can’t terminate the contract because they have all your money.

Ensure Everything Is Explicitly Written In The Contract

When discussing vinyl house siding with a potential Richboro, PA, company, you may be highly impressed with their agreement to everything you want completed. It may seem like a fantastic opportunity to get the perfect new look for your home.

But then the contract is written up, and half of what you discussed isn’t included. Your contact at the company assures you that it will all be taken care of as discussed, even though it’s not in writing, and they try to persuade you to sign the contract anyway.

Beware, this is standard behavior for an illegitimate vinyl siding company. They’ll make a lot of false promises, draw up a contract that doesn’t include them, convince you to take their word, and leave you hanging with the result.

It’s critical to ensure that everything you discuss with your vinyl siding company is included in the written contract before you sign it. If anything is missing, request they correct it before you sign. Your project is a significant investment in your home that you want done correctly, and the contract is a crucial part of that.

No Permanent Business Location

If the Bucks County vinyl siding company you are considering doesn’t have a permanent business location, chances are they’re not legit. You should always be able to visit a physical establishment if you need to speak to someone about a problem or concern with your project.

When getting in-home consultations, request each prospective company’s contact information, including phone number, address, and email address. You can also do more research on them with this information to ensure you’re not being taken advantage of.

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