How Do I Know If I Need a New Roof?

How Do I Know If I Need a New Roof?

If your roof has ever shown you signs that it needs attention, you might be wondering if you should have it replaced entirely. It’s crucial to be aware of all the factors that should be considered, and even if you feel like your roof damage isn’t affecting the homeowners inside, you never want to put aside any issues you’re facing. Applying a few of these tips can help you decide if you need to replace your roof, and give you the peace of mind that you made the right choice.

Your Roof Is Old

The lifespan of your roof is about 15-30 years, and if your roof is within this time period (or older), you should consider a roof replacement. Older roofs are more likely to suffer structural failures and other damages that endanger you and your family. If you just moved into your home and aren’t sure when it was last replaced, or if you know your home falls within 15-30 years of age, consider a roof replacement immediately.

Your Roof Leaks or Sags

A leaking or sagging roof is a clear indicator that your roof should be replaced. If your roof’s leaking, it means it’s suffering from rotting or holes somewhere in the roofing system. Leaks can also lead to mold and mildew buildup, which poses health risks to your family. A sagging roof indicates that you might have significant structural damage, and your roof might fail soon. Either way, a roof problem this severe requires immediate replacement.

Minor Damage

Homeowners should be concerned with minor damages adding up and leading to more severe roof problems. Small issues like cracked shingles, minor wind damage, exposed nails, and missing granules all add up, and these seemingly innocuous inconveniences can push your roof to the brink. You can (safely) climb up to your roof and take note of anything missing, and if your driveway is littered with shingles and nails, you should contact your local roofing company immediately.

Roof Replacement Is Cheaper Long Term

Replacing your roof can save thousands of dollars long-term, especially if your roof has major damage or severe issues. A roof with major damage is susceptible to severe weather conditions and other events that might render your repair a temporary solution. Never cheap out on your roof!

Why a Roof Repair Might Not Be Enough

Your roof is vital to your and your family’s well-being, and that means it’s never wrong to prioritize safety. Roof repairs might be beneficial for some, but there are plenty of times when a roof repair is not enough. If you have significant structural issues within your home or aren’t sure and want to keep your family safe, a roof replacement is probably the best way to go.

Delays the Inevitable

Roof repair might seem like a logical option to turn to when you have roof damage, but repairs only delay the inevitable. Many homeowners fail to maximize the lifespan of their roofs due to a lack of maintenance and care. Sometimes, a roof repair is only a temporary band-aid on your issues, and you run the risk of re-opening the wound — costing you a lot of money.

Repair Costs Pile Up

A roof replacement is a much better choice if you are mindful of extensive costs adding up. Roof repairs might be cheaper short term, but usually only temper over much more severe problems and often lead to you doubling down on specific issues. Not only that, but many roof replacement companies — like Rosenello’s — offer financing options that make it much easier to handle the immediate costs of a replacement.

Replace Your Roof With Rosenello’s!

If you’re considering a replacement, your roof demands professional attention from an expert roofing service. Our team offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to better your home; for more information about our home roofing services in PA and NJ or to find out if it’s time to replace your window, contact us today!

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