How can you soundproof your home’s windows? Check out these tips!

Soundproofing Your Space: The Role Of
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Your windows are one of the most important features of your home. Not only do beautiful, high-quality windows in your Wrightstown, PA, home boost your curb appeal and provide you lovely outside views, but they are also crucial to properly insulating and soundproofing your home.

Modern windows are designed for maximum insulation against the elements, with double- or triple-pane windows used in colder areas like those here in Pennsylvania. But these panes serve another purpose – soundproofing.

But if you live in a particularly busy area where the double- or triple-pane windows aren’t enough, we have a few tips to help you get some much-needed peace and quiet inside your home.

Option 1: Add Acoustic Sealant Or Caulk Around Your Windows

Using acoustic sealant or caulk to seal up any cracks around your windows is a great DIY method that helps dampen outside sound. Caulk is stiff and may crack when it hardens, while acoustic sealant is more flexible and will hold up for a bit longer.

Keep in mind, however, that if cracks are forming around your windows, they may be reaching the end of their lifespan, and you may need to replace your windows in the near future.

Rosenello’s Windows is the top choice of homeowners in Wrightstown, PA for high-quality replacement windows that stand up beautifully against the harsh winter weather in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Option 2: Add Shutters To Your Windows

Shutters not only dampen sound but also add visual appeal to your home. Painting your shutters a color that goes well with the rest of your house boosts your curb appeal and gives your home a charming, traditional feel.

Most shutters are made of wood, which is an excellent soundproofing material. At Rosenello’s Windows, we deliver quality shutter installation and help you find the perfect color and design for your Wrightstown, PA, windows. Get it all done by the same trusted company by having Rosenello’s Windows install your replacement windows and shutters.

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Option 3: Install Soundproofing Curtains Or Blinds On Your Windows

Curtains or blinds are excellent for homeowners who are uneasy about adding anything permanent to their windows. Wooden blinds are great for dampening outside noise, as wood absorbs sound better than vinyl or plastic.

Thick curtains not only dampen sound but also help insulate your room, which is essential during the wintertime. Many home improvement stores sell blinds and curtains specifically designed for soundproofing, such as cellular shades (also called honeycomb cell shades). Installing soundproofing curtains and shades is a relatively inexpensive and impermanent solution for making your home’s interior a little quieter.

Option 4: Add Foam Inserts Or Panels For Your Windows

Adding foam panels to your windows helps soundproof your home, though the downside is that they can darken the room and aren’t very attractive. They are relatively inexpensive, depending on the quality, and can be removed as needed.

Option 5: Add External Storm Windows

Here in southeastern Pennsylvania, winter weather can be pretty nasty. External storm windows are an excellent choice as a soundproofing measure and to help protect and insulate your home against the winter weather.

Rosenello’s Windows has high-quality storm windows that will safeguard your Wrightstown home against bad weather, and our products and workmanship come backed with our solid warranties.

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We use only the highest quality windows by our trusted manufacturers, so you can be confident you’ve chosen the best.

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