From Modern To Historic, We Understand Architecture Details

We Care For Delaware Valley Historical Architecture…
And It Shows In Our Modern Projects

Our Exterior Home Remodeling Knowledge Spans Centuries

In the Delaware Valley, historic homes and architecture are all around us. From Philadelphia’s Masonic Lodge to Independence Hall, it’s hard not to notice the grand exterior and structural beauty at almost every turn.

At Rosenello’s, we tackle our fair share of historical home projects. We’ve worked on everything from 18th century Georgian townhouses to 19th century row homes. And we can tell you from experience that historical home improvement projects are typically intricate and require exacting attention to detail.

After all… the architecture and design of a 150-year-old home is a lot different — and often more complex — than homes built today!

But you know what? We practice the same obsessive level of care on all of our projects. It doesn’t matter if your home was built 5, 50, or 500 years ago… we pay painstaking attention to every single detail.

Here is how our centuries-spanning architectural knowledge guides us during YOUR project…

Historic row home in Delaware Valley with beautiful replacement window

Whether Your Lehigh Valley Home Is Ten Years Old Or One Hundred, Our Products Stay True To The Era

Details matter when it comes to replacement replacement windows, roofing, or siding products — historically speaking or contemporary.

Unfortunately, not many other exterior home contractors in the Lehigh Valley put much weight on the accuracy of your replacement products. Not only does it throw off the look of your home, but it shows a lack of care on their part.

Size. Style. Material. Color. These product details all influence the authenticity of the time your home was built. And through our exterior historical home renovation experience, we’ve honed our understanding to make your project all the more time specific.

Though modern home replacement windows may not call for the same type of muntins (grids) as historical replacement windows, you better believe your modern home will get the authentic ones it does need.

And if you want to bring your outdated home into the 21st century, we’ve got that covered too. When upgrading your vintage home, we know exactly what modern products and installation techniques to use to ensure your home gets the full functionality and beauty of today’s luxuries.

So regardless of your home’s age, we stay true to its needs and requirements. And though no two homes are built the same, you can count on the correct products to deliver authentic results.

Historic row homes in Delaware Valley with beautiful exterior home improvement work

Your Home’s Exterior Health Starts With Its Structural Integrity

Not many Central Jersey homeowners would expect the success of their exterior home remodeling project to start with its structural stability. And unfortunately, not many other exterior home remodeling companies know this either.

But, at Rosenello’s, we know and put our knowledge to good use.

How so?

Through our understanding of architectural history, we’ve grown to fully appreciate the subtle and significant structural differences in Delaware Valley homes. Victorian homes are built very differently from those from the Renaissance Revival era…and contemporary homes are built differently from both.

Though those differences may not be seen from the outside, they greatly impact the long-term success of your replacement windows.

For example, knowing how to properly cut a new opening or alter an existing window opening is the difference between installing windows that function correctly and jeopardizing your home’s stability.

Trust Your Next Delaware Valley Exterior Home Project – Historic Or Modern – To Our Pros

We don’t mess around with keeping your Lehigh Valley exterior home authentic. Our passion for architectural accuracy and understanding runs deep and comes out in ALL our projects.

While other replacement window companies often offer inaccurate, cheap products, we’re devoted to keeping your exterior home period-accurate without losing any of the benefits of modern technology.

With our trained eye and knowledge of product accuracy and expert installation skills, we bring you the best of both worlds – great-looking, authentic home exteriors with high-performing products to keep you comfortable year-round.

When you’re ready to upgrade your Delaware Valley home exterior without losing its architectural personality, Rosenello’s has you covered! Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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