Everything You Need To Know About Replacement Window Warranties

Everything You Need To Know About
Replacement Window Warranties
For Your Holland, PA, Home

How To Know Your Warranty Offers Good
Coverage For Your Investment

When shopping for replacement window for your Holland, PA, home, you’ve likely noticed that the warranties are not all the same. This can be pretty confusing when trying to find the best coverage for your purchase. Whether you’re replacing a handful of window or all of them at once, you need to know they’re backed by a solid guarantee.

With all the terminology floating around, understanding what a warranty means can sometimes be challenging. For instance, the term “lifetime” is used a lot, but what does it actually mean? We’ll cover this term and several others so that you can get the most from your window warranties.

Replacement Window Warranty Types

While browsing replacement window, you’ll come across several different types of warranties. It’s essential to pay close attention to each one as they offer various benefits, with some providing significantly more coverage than others.

Lifetime Warranties

The term “lifetime” is relative to the timeframe the manufacturer deems the window can maintain its maximum quality – not your lifetime or your home’s. However, during this period, the warranty will cover any aesthetic and performance defects of the window and the cost of all replacement parts.

The type of window you choose will determine its lifetime. For example, if you select cheaply made or lower-quality options – you could end up with a term that only covers three to five years. On the other hand, high-end window can be protected for over 20 years. That’s why it’s important to focus on quality when choosing the ideal window for your home.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

A limited lifetime warranty is very similar to a lifetime warranty in that it covers the products for the timeframe the window are expected to maintain their maximum quality. However, the primary difference is that this version will only cover some replacement parts.

Double Lifetime Warranties

Getting a double lifetime warranty ensures your window are covered for the entire time you own your Bucks County home, not just the expected lifespan of the window. In many cases, the warranty can also be transferred to the next homeowner if you decide to sell.

Prorated Warranties

Another option homeowners can select is a prorated warranty, which covers a decreasing percentage of replacement parts over time. This means that as your new window age, you’ll be responsible for an increasing amount of the cost of replacement parts.

Transferable Warranties

If you plan to sell your home, it’s essential to know your warranty is transferable. This option can be combined with most other types of warranties and simply means that when you sell your Holland, PA, property, the warranty is transferred to the new homeowner.

This can help ensure you get closer to your asking price because your home is more attractive to buyers.

Workmanship Warranties

All the previously mentioned warranties are manufacturer’s warranties that will come from the window manufacturer. Those warranties specifically cover defects with the window. A workmanship warranty is offered by your Bucks County window installer to guarantee the quality of their installation.

If something goes wrong in the coverage period because of something they did, they’ll be back to fix it under the warranty requirements. Choosing a reliable window contractor is essential to ensuring you get quality workmanship coverage that they will honor.

Items Covered By A Replacement Window Warranty

Now that you’re familiar with the different types of replacement window warranties, it’s important to know the various items covered by them. While these guarantees may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, there are some basic coverages you can expect across the board – including the following:

  • Custom options
  • Vision obstruction
  • Defects
  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Hardware
  • Materials

Exclusions To Most Replacement Window Warranties

Because of the variations between warranties, it’s essential to know what the one you’re receiving does not cover. This will allow you to decide if you’re getting a good deal. Common exclusions include the following:

  • DIY installation
  • Extreme weather
  • Tempered glass
  • Improper maintenance

Choose Rosenello’s Windows For All Your
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When choosing your replacement window contractor in Holland, PA, it’s essential to shop around for quality, not price. Hiring low-ball bidders can lead to quietly voided warranties due to cut corners and improper installations.

Here at Rosenello’s Windows, we complete every installation by the book, ensuring your window are built to last. We’ll even register your warranty with the manufacturer for you and supply you with an exceptional workmanship guarantee.

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