Enhancing Curb Appeal With New Windows On Your Wrightstown, PA Home

Create Curb Appeal On Your Wrightstown, PA
Home With Windows From Rosenello’s

New Windows Make For A New Look For Your Home

Whether you are looking to sell your home or want a fresh look, curb appeal is important! Among the best improvements you can make to your Wrightstown, PA home is replacement windows.

Here at Rosenello’s Windows, we’ve created this guide to explain how windows can enhance your curb appeal. Read on to learn everything you need to know to refresh your home’s exterior with new windows.

Add New Windows With A Unique
Trim To Enhance Curb Appeal

Are your window trims and casing boring? To be honest, the window trims on most houses aren’t overly exciting and often look worn out. To improve your curb appeal, consider adding something unique and clean-looking.

We can help you decide on new trims that look great on your home and provide the essential protection that window trims offer the rest of the house.

In addition to new trim styles, you’ll also have access to many color options to contrast with your home. Color is a great way to achieve classic, retro, or modern looks on your exterior.

Change Your Window Styles To Make Your Home Look Nice

You don’t have to keep the same style you moved into! Consider adding a bay or bow window to the front of your house in replacement of a picture window. Bow and bay windows add distinctive, appealing lines in addition to a place to put decorations and plants.

Awning windows offer the appeal of unique vertical lines and opening methods. More and more homeowners are installing these as they provide a visual break on the outside of your home and the functionality of directing a nice breeze right inside.

Decorative Glass And Griddings For Your New Windows

When viewed a little closer, decorating glass and gridding offer a unique detail that will make prospective homeowners – and you, a little more excited about seeing the inside of the home. We can etch glass with decorative, often subtle patterns that draw the eye.

Patterns do a great job of breaking up the sight of a large sash of glass that could otherwise make your home look tall or short. You’ll have a great number of options to pick from, too!

Window Shutters Can Add A Pop

While window shutters are often installed for privacy and controlling light, they can also add serious color to your home’s exterior. The number of color options for shutters is just about unlimited, so you can choose a subtle, classic color or one that will turn your neighbor’s heads.

Using a neutral color like white or beige also offers a fresh look, while you can stack plants or other more colorful decor near the exterior of your home in front of the window.

Add Arches To Your Home’s Windows

A beautiful way to create lines on the exterior of your home is by adding arches to your windows. These traditionally involve several pieces of glass arranged in an arch over a window. In addition to looking nice, they also allow you to bring just a little more sunlight in, which can be great some days!

Privacy Windows And Curb Appeal

Some prospective buyers and onlookers see privacy as a great feature. We can install windows that are frosted, which both look beautiful and offer additional privacy for your home. Frosted windows are often useful in the home’s bathroom and for the basement as a way of letting some light in but keeping eyes out.

Call Rosenello’s Windows For Window Replacements That
Make Your Wrightstown, PA Home’s Exterior Look Good

We know curb appeal is important – whether or not you are selling your Bucks County house, it’s sometimes good to keep it fresh! Reach out to us at Rosenello’s Windows for an in-person consultation at (215) 244-3993.

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