Double-Hung Windows: What Are They, And Why Should I Have Them Installed In Bensalem, PA

Double-Hung Windows: What They Are And How They
Can Benefit Your Bensalem, PA, Home

Everything You Need To Know About These Popular Windows

With so much confusing window terminology out there, it’s normal not to know exactly what double-hung windows are.

That’s why you should turn to Rosenello’s Windows for the best new window installation in Bensalem, PA. Our licensed experts carry a variety of window styles and designs to match your home’s unique characteristics.

Double-hung is a classic window style where the sashes can open from the top and bottom, giving you the option of ventilating either the top or bottom sash. It makes it easier to clean, too! No more craning your neck trying to clean the uppermost corners of your windows.

Make window cleaning a breeze and maximize the airflow in your home with double-hung windows from Rosenello’s Windows. We take pride in our straightforward installation process and quality materials so you can enjoy your beautiful home in peace and comfort.

A Classic, Versatile Window Style

Some of the attractions of double-hung windows are versatility and popularity. They are easy to operate and come in a variety of styles and are popular because they also maximize ventilation.

At Rosenello’s Windows, we offer various styles and colors of double-hung windows to match your home.

Whether you want classic wood frames for a more rustic feel or energy-efficient vinyl frames for your sleek modern home, Rosenello’s Windows has everything you need for your new window installation.

A Practical Choice For New Window Installations

Because double-hung windows have two operational sashes, you can choose which sash to open or even open both sashes simultaneously. This allows for maximum ventilation through your windows.

During the hot, humid summers, you can allow hot air to escape from the top sash while cool air filters into your home from the bottom sash.

For this reason, double-hung windows are popular in buildings with more than one story, such as apartment buildings or offices.

Cleaning Your Double-Hung Windows: Easy Maintenance
For Your New Window Installations

Double-hung windows are easy to clean because you can reach every part of both sashes from the inside of your home, as opposed to single-hung windows, which require you to wipe down the stationary sash from the outside.

The double-hung windows from our top brands also come with tilt latches, which enable you to reach every part of both sashes from the inside of your home. No more having to clean windows from the outside!

Since regular maintenance is so important for the longevity and functionality of your new window installation, choose double-hung windows from Rosenello’s Windows to make cleaning a breeze.

Double-Hung Windows: An Energy Efficient Choice
For Your New Window Installation

Like other window types, double-hung windows are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible.

You can order your double-hung windows as double- or triple-paned, which use gas fills to further insulate heat transference.

The more insulation your new window installations have, the more your windows will prevent wasted energy, keeping your Bensalem, PA, home comfortable all year round.

The Cost Of Double-Hung Windows

Because double-hung windows require more moving parts than their single-hung counterparts, they typically cost more – both for the window itself and new window installation.

Because of the cost and practicality, few homeowners consider installing double-hung windows in every room of their home.

The Best Rooms For New Double-Hung
Window Installations

Knowing when to use double-hung versus single-hung windows is important.

As great as double-hung windows are, there are some rooms where they’re impractical to have. Take kitchens, for example. A double-hung window over your kitchen sink will be difficult to operate since it’s hard to reach.

Rooms that don’t need much ventilation don’t necessarily need double-hung windows, such as bedrooms. The same goes for windows that are in hard-to-reach places, where cleaning can become one heck of a chore.

Larger rooms, such as living rooms and entertainment spaces, will benefit the most from double-hung windows, where the extra ventilation will keep these places comfortable.

Who Can I Trust To Install My New Double-Hung
Windows In Bensalem, PA?

For the best double-hung window installation in Bucks County, trust Rosenello’s Windows.

We’ve served the good people of the area for nearly 40 years and have built a reputation for excellent service and expert craftsmanship. We carry only the best window brands and stand behind our warranties for materials and workmanship.

If you’re thinking of installing new double-hung windows in your Bensalem, PA, home, reach out to us online to set up your free quote today.

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