Choosing Between Bay And Bow Windows In Southampton, PA

Your Guide To The Differences Between Bay And
Bow Windows For Your Southampton, PA Home

Bay And Bow Windows Bring Architectural
Charm In Different Ways

When it’s time to pick the perfect replacement replacement windows for your Southampton, PA home, it’s important to know what exactly your options are and which window are the best for your unique space.

Rosenello’s Windows offers an incredible selection of bay and bow window that are perfect for any home.

But some people may wonder, what exactly is the difference between the two?

The Design Of Bay Vs. Bow Windows

While bay and bow window are incredibly similar, they do come with a few key differences in their overall design and structure.

Bay window often feature three sections that bow outwards towards the outer part of your home. Usually, the three sections of the window match and are joined together at an angle of 45 or even 90 degrees.

On the other hand, bow window often consist of four or even five different sections that are the same size. Bow replacement windows give a curved appearance.

Because of the sharp angles, bay window provide a deeper ridge outside of your home, while bow replacement windows influence a slightly less apparent curved appearance.

Which Windows Provide More Space Inside Your Home?

When installing new replacement window, it’s important to think about which options will give you the most space and options for some fun interior decorating. Both bay and bow window are wonderful options if you are thinking about adding more seating options with your replacement windows or even more storage space.

Because bay window tend to provide a deeper protrusion towards the outside of your home, these can be the ideal option for something like a breakfast nook or a reading bench.

The added space by your window can work great if you are thinking about adding a desk to look out into your Bucks County neighborhood.

Bow window can work wonderfully for this as well, but they may not offer the same amount of space.

Which Windows Give More Light?

Both bay and bow window are wonderful additions for any home in Southampton, PA, where you want to bring in more natural lighting.

Generally speaking, bow window bring more of that wonderful sunlight into your home because of the additional glass surface and wider build.

But the cool thing about bay window is because of their natural edges, you can bring light in through multiple angles.

The Ability To Customize Your Windows

While both bay and bow window are able to be custom fit to your home, bow window usually offer a slight advantage in the customization. Homeowners can determine how many window sections they include in their window, their size, and the specific angles.

Working with Rosenello’s Windows, you can create the perfect window shape and size to fit your home’s unique needs.

Bay window usually come in two set angles and limited options on the number of window sections homeowners can choose from. Depending on the manufacturer, there are some chances at customization, but it can vary across the board.

The Installation Of Bay And Bow Windows

Both bay and bow window require more skill and sometimes more time compared to other window installation options.

Window installers must make sure that they are installing them both precisely so that there is an unbreakable watertight and airtight seal to keep your home safe and energy-efficient.

The fact that both bay and bow window are designed at angles means that they require expert skills for installation. So if you decide to choose one of these two incredible options, make sure to choose the best window replacement service company you can.

Turn To Rosenello’s Windows For Bay And
Bow Window Installation

Here at Rosenello’s Windows, we have over 35 years of experience installing bay and bow window and provide flawless results.

At Rosenello’s Windows, we believe that bay and bow window can transform the look of anyone’s home. Both your interior and exterior aesthetic gets an immediate face life when you add these options into the mix, and your home will surely be the envy of your neighborhood.

If you are interested in installing bow or bay window in your Southampton, PA home, set up a free estimate with Rosenello’s Windows today!

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