Avoid These Security Mistakes With Your Replacement Windows In Southampton, PA

Security Mistakes To Avoid With
Replacement Windows In
Southampton, PA

Keep Your Home Safe By Avoiding
These Common Mistakes

When it comes time to install new stylish replacement replacement windows in your Southampton, PA, there are a lot of things to take into consideration.

With a wide variety of choices, homeowners must decide the exact style of window they want, the brand, and the trim they want to use to access their new window’s beauty.

This is a fun and exciting time, which is why it can be easy for homeowners to forget about one of the most important aspects of installing new in their homes – how secure are your replacement windows?

Windows are a particularly vulnerable aspect of your house, so you need to ensure that your replacement are installed with security in mind.

Here are a few security mistakes homeowners in Bucks County tend to make when installing home replacement .

Incorrect Installation Of Home Replacement Windows

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when it comes to the security of their replacement is not installing them correctly.

Whether you attempted to DIY your window installment project or turned to an untrustworthy contractor, incorrectly installed replacement windows can be a massive security risk to your home. 

If are not fitted properly, it can be easy for intruders to simply pop them out of place or pry them open.

As time goes on, you might notice that your replacement windows are less sturdy or may be developing more weak spots. This makes it easier for intruders to get in.

When your are installed correctly, they should be perfectly secure and should not get weak over time.

Luckily, when you turn to Rosenello’s Windows for your home replacement, you don’t have to worry about this issue.

Neglecting To Install Locks On Your Bucks County Windows

We get that the replacement window process can feel overwhelming to some homeowners. That’s why Rosenello’s Windows walks you through every step of the process.

One thing we always want to make sure of is that your are safe and secure.

This includes adding locks and latches to secure your home and protect the people inside.

Sometimes, may be installed without the proper locks or latches, or they may be installed poorly. This can become a severe security risk for Southampton, PA, homeowners.

It’s also important to remember to lock your when you leave your house and when you go to bed. Many homeowners will skip this essential step, which may put them at risk.

A Lack Of Replacement Window Maintenance

Maintaining your is an essential step to keeping them looking fresh and maintaining their durability.

But did you know that proper window maintenance is also incredibly important to ensure that it can protect your home and the people within it?

If your replacement windows are not properly maintained, you may notice loose frames or even cracked glass. Both of these can easily compromise your home’s security.

So to keep your home protected, make sure to take care of your after they have been installed.

You can maintain your through simple cleanings, inspections, or just testing to see if they open and close properly. With these steps, you can keep your home safe and sound.

Opting For Weaker Glass On Replacement Windows

Some homeowners may choose to go for thin glass when they choose their new. This is a perfectly reasonable option, but it may also raise some security concerns.

Thinner glass can be easier to break, allowing intruders to enter your home.

If you are concerned about your security, it might be better to opt for that have thicker glass.

Not only can this help keep you safe, but it can also provide your home with better energy efficiency. This seems like a win-win. Doesn’t it?

Rosenello’s Windows Has Your Back With
Superior Replacement Window Options

When it comes time to choose the best replacement for your home, turn to Rosenello’s Windows.

Our team of extraordinary experts will help you choose the that not only look incredible but keep you feeling safe and secure at all times.

With Rosenello’s Windows, you can rest easy knowing that your installation will be done right the first time, and you will be left with replacement that make your home feel brand-new.

If you are interested in replacement for your home in Southampton, PA, turn to Rosenello’s Windows for your free estimate today.

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