Are All Patio Doors The Same Size For Langhorne, PA,

Are All Patio Doors The Same Size For
Langhorne, PA, Homes?

Your Essential Guide To Patio Door Sizes

When shopping for patio doors for your Langhorne, PA, home, you may be under the impression they’re all the same size or that a standard size exists. While there are more commonly used sizes than others, there isn’t an established “standard size” for these doors, so you’ll need exact measurements before making your purchase.

This article will cover the different sizes of patio doors and how to get the correct measurements. So, if you’re interested in learning more about choosing the right patio door for your home’s needs, read on for more information.

Is There A Standard Size For Patio Doors?

Choosing the right patio door is essential to your project – if it’s off by even the slightest bit, it won’t fit the opening. There’s no special modification you can make to a patio door to get it to fit an opening it’s not built for.

It’s not like an interior door where a small mistake can easily be remedied by altering the door or opening. With those doors, there’s room for a small amount of error. Patio doors don’t have this luxury.

That said, there is no “average size” or “standard size” that you can just point, click, and order. When you choose a reliable patio door company in Langhorne, PA, they’ll know exactly how to measure the door for the perfect fit.

So, What Sizes Do Patio Doors Come In?

While there is no set average overall size of patio doors, they have an average height of approximately 82 inches. The widths are where the sizes vary, especially between French and sliding patio doors.

French Patio Doors

French doors come in several options – a single door, one stationary and one working door, or two working doors. In most cases, they are sold and installed as a set. Most of these doors will fall between 55 and 67 inches wide. However, you can choose to have them as small as 35 inches or as large as 75 inches, but these are the maximum limits.

These measurements do not account for the frame, which adds approximately 6 inches total – 3 inches per side. If you buy doors with the frame, you’ll need to account for this measurement when purchasing.

If you have wider openings than the maximum option will fit, consider adding sidelights to accommodate the space. Despite their name, they are not lights but narrow glass panels placed vertically on either side of the doors. They offer aesthetic interest and increased natural lighting.

Sliding Patio Doors

A sliding patio door may be better if you have an extra wide opening. These doors come in sizes from 63 inches to 188 inches. These measurements include the stationary panel, sliding panel, and frame.

For sliding patio doors, sidelights are generally not needed or added. Instead, extra stationary panels are typically added to maximize the natural light these doors provide.

The mechanism that allows a sliding patio door to work will vary based on the door. Because of this, it’s impossible to give an average size for this style.

How To Measure For A New Patio Door

When you measure for your new door, you’ll need to know the size of the rough opening – the opening your door rests in without accounting for any molding or frames. Because you won’t be able to remove the old door to take measurements, ensure you measure the frame with the door.

You’ll need a tape measure and preferably someone to assist you. Start by measuring the width. You’ll need three measurements – one at the top, one at the middle, and one at the bottom. If you have any variations in the three measurements, you’ll need to find a door that fits the smallest number.

Next, measure the height similarly – once on the right, once on the left, and once in the center. It’s important to take this measurement all the way to the part of the floor where the door’s sill rests to account for the proper height.

While this may seem tedious, you’ll want to take all six measurements a second time. A patio door is a significant investment in your Bucks County home, so you need everything to be perfect.

The best way to get the ideal measurements is to rely on a trustworthy local patio door contractor. They’ll ensure everything is measured correctly and that the right door is ordered for your project.

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