Accountability In Delaware Valley Exterior Home Remodeling

Sadly, Mistakes Happen In Even The Most
Careful Exterior Home Renovations
– But We Always Make It Right

Whether It’s Our Fault Or Not, We Fix The Problem

Let’s face it – we’re all human, and mistakes happen. As much as we’d like to claim otherwise, even the pros at Rosenello’s aren’t immune.

However, most Lehigh Valley replacement windows, siding, and roofing companies DO think they’re immune. That’s some strong denial, as far as we’re concerned.

At Rosenello’s, when a rare mistake happens, we fix it. And when we notice something not right with prior exterior work done on your home, we fix that too.

It’s really simple.

We don’t point fingers, pass off the blame, or sweep inaccuracies under the rug. When we notice the problem, we point it out, take credit (if needed), and make it right.

Smiling exterior home contractors standing with confidence

We Stop The Little Issues From Becoming Giant Problems In South Jersey

In the world of South Jersey exterior home improvement, there are literally thousands of tiny moving parts. Some are obvious, but many can easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

Unfortunately, many other contractors take advantage of this fact by hiding the smaller, more subtle issues from their customers. But this only leads to bigger-scale problems down the road.

We wouldn’t even dream of doing this at Rosenello’s. When we spot a small problem, we fix it on the spot or inform you of what needs to be done. In other words, we do our projects correctly, never hiding the minor issues you’d never notice.

So when we replace your siding/vinyl-siding/ and notice problems with your step flashing, we will make it right instead of continuing to install over the defective material.

When We See A Problem During Your South Jersey Home Project,
We Say Something

Many times, unaddressed issues from ages ago pop up when starting a new Lehigh Valley exterior home project.

For other replacement window contractors, this means ignoring the problem or adding an exorbitant fee to your bill to fix the underlying issue.

Though an overlooked issue is rare at Rosenello’s due to our thorough and accurate initial consultations, we always address it – whether it was an oversight on our part or a hidden detail we couldn’t have foreseen.

In one extreme example, we even replaced an entire roof…a second time after noticing one bad piece of plywood caused by an improperly fitted attic vent installed before our arrival.

It may not have been our fault, but we replaced the roof anyway because a stress-free customer makes it worth it.

When The Rare Miscommunication Happens, We Bite The Bullet

As we said, everyone is human, and the rare oversight or miscommunication is bound to slip through the cracks at some point. But how a Delaware Valley contractor reacts is the true measure of their character.

And many other local contractors never got that memo. Whether they point fingers or slip away in shame, many refuse to take the blame or even correct the wrong.

Since Rosenello’s is rooted in core values, we always take accountability for slip-ups and never charge the customer for our oversight.

Even when a desired design detail occasionally fails to make it into your replacement window contract, we take full responsibility for our forgetfulness and ensure you get the windows you deserve.

Whether the customer already signed the contract without noticing our mistake doesn’t matter – we install the correct windows at the right price.

Accountability Should Never Be A Foreign Word

Accountability isn’t a word you often hear concerning Delaware Valley replacement windows, patio doors, siding/vinyl-siding/, or roofing…but it should be.

Rosenello’s is changing how exterior home contractors hold themselves responsible, building customer trust one project at a time. So, whether you need a new roof or replacement siding, we do it correctly – with full responsibility and honesty.

So, when you’re ready to upgrade your Delaware Valley home exterior with a company that always holds itself accountable, Rosenello’s is your place! Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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