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While The Local Remodeling Market May Seem Like A Moral Wasteland
– Our Core Values Give Hope

At Rosenello’s Windows, Our Success Depends On Us Doing
The Right Thing – Every Time

If you need help with the exterior of your home in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, do you know how to find the right contractor?

And by ‘right,’ we mean one that won’t leave you hanging with a half-finished, over-priced, error-filled nightmare of an exterior home renovation.

After all, unless you’re in the industry, no homeowner is an expert on home remodeling. So, how do you know which contractor will help you build your dream home instead of the nightmare above?

You could look at their trucks, but honest contractors can have ugly trucks, and wholesale thieves are just as likely to have as gorgeous trucks as anyone else. There may be only one, but it’ll be a beauty!

You could look over their warranties, but you’ll need to look at the fine print to check for loopholes. Rarely does the bold print ever approach anything close to reality.

There are only two ways to tell if a contractor will deliver: talk to them or look at their online reviews. And since we here at Rosenello’s know what great service includes, we’ll tell you what you can expect to hear from and about a good home renovation contractor.

Professionalism In All Things

Is roofing, siding, and window installation hot, messy work? Absolutely.

Does that mean a neat project site is a fool’s dream? Absolutely…NOT!

We pick up as we go, especially during the teardown phase of a project. In our opinion, leaving loose debris, used screws and nails, and chunks of old material lying around the worksite is just plain wrong.

So, we train our crews to keep things tidy throughout the day – not just at the end.

But our professionalism goes further than your yard. Our Project Managers are always available to answer your questions, and our crew chiefs will gladly go over their plans with you before each installation day begins.

There’s not a single person under our employ who would fail to greet you warmly, and that includes our installers. They know that they are in your home and that they need to act accordingly.

Crystal Clear Communication

We will never leave you wondering where your project stands. From the first visit to the final walkthrough, you’ll be kept informed at every stage of your journey.

If there’s a supply line issue – we’ll tell you immediately.

If there’s a weather issue – we’ll tell you immediately.

If there’s any kind of delay – we’ll tell you immediately.

And if we uncover an unexpected problem – we’ll tell you immediately… and then discuss possible solutions.

What we will NEVER do is ignore the issue or simply cover it up during the installation phase. We’re here to make your life better, not set you up for a fall a year or so down the road.

Obsessed With The Details

The finest window, siding, or roofing won’t last five years if installed incorrectly.

This fact is embedded in our DNA.

So we take the necessary time to ensure that every small detail gets handled correctly before we move on to the next phase.

After 30+ years of following others in the exterior home remodeling industry, we’ve seen what sloppy work can lead to in as little as a year – pure heartbreak and too many lawyers.

Imagine investing thousands into new siding for your home, only to have it fall into worse shape before you’re even done with the payments.

That’s a scenario we refuse to allow for any Rosenello client. Avoiding it is easy, too. You just need to train your people in the proper techniques and have a system for checking their work. Easy-peasy.

Reviews, Long Talks, And Handshakes

If the positive reviews for a contractor don’t mention superior installation, friendly workers, excellent communication, or a great experience, they likely aren’t real. EVERY new installation looks pretty – but not all journeys are pleasant.

So look for reviews that are more about the process than the results, and you’ll be in the gold.

And when you have a representative in your home for the initial visit, trust your gut. If they make you feel uncomfortable before you sign, just wait until after!

And if they have no answers about how they communicate, what their process entails, or how their installers do their jobs – take the hint and run the other way.

But if the reviews are detailed and filled with facts about their experience, and their representative is punctual, respectful, and wants to educate you about the service you need – shake their hand with confidence.

Likely, they’ll be wearing a Rosenello’s Windows jacket. But even if they’re not, we’ll be happy we helped you find a quality contractor for your replacement window, new siding, or shiny new roof.

If you need help with the exterior of your Pennsylvania or New Jersey home and want it handled by a company you can trust, contact us at Rosenello’s WIndows for a free estimate.

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